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  • Jack_Fortune Jack_Fortune Jun 1, 2000 8:35 PM Flag


    Well gentlemen (and ladies, if any of such gender
    follow this board), I was ridiculed when I told you that
    Hecla was a 1$ stock....surely you remember! I
    explained to you that this wasn't a guess, but based on the
    crunchies. I understand that you may not have access to
    "crunchies", and that is why I warned you. I hope you took me
    seriously, and did not enter at a higher figure. My next
    question to you is, would you care for the NEXT
    "prophecy"? Hecla has now been at 1$ for three successive
    days...what now? Do you want to know???? The truth is that it
    is sometimes dangerous to know the future. Another
    truth is that there is truly no such thing as "future".
    Past, present, and "future" are simply part of a vast
    tableau. Do YOU want to know what is "on the
    Best, Jack

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    • Hecla Mining is the last place a day trader wants
      to light! This is a classic asset play, money in the
      ground, momentum's not a factor... so go fiddle with
      Quaalcom and Microsoft and all that confetti... and leave
      us hibernating BEARS comfy in our caves, year's food
      stashed, AK-47s and 1,000s of rounds of ball ammo in
      place, a plump honey to bicker with, a rusted out Hudson
      Hornet for transport and the kids high-tech educated and
      out the door, where you ought to be! This is the
      wrong bar, sonny!

    • Now I know whats wrong with my investing, I have been making my invesments by getting advice from Horiscopes, Astrological signs and flawed prophecies!

    • I feel like I have missed those opportunities to
      get in those life rafts that slipped away only half

      Its not they end, why not just grab a fine glass of
      brandy, smoke a good one and watch the ship go down. At
      least with the titanic she is still valuable even at
      the bottom of the ocean.

      • 1 Reply to smithersjg
      • Many people are of the opinion that we are living
        in the "end times".....

        For us HL investors,
        the "end times" do indeed seem upon

        Let's see....take the letters in Arthur Brown...assign
        each letter a number..A = 1, R = 18, etc....add them
        up....multiply by the number of individuals on the board of
        directors..and yes, amazingly enough, you have the

        As always (they're coming to take me away, ha,

    • Let women and children off the Titanic first. Thanks for being a gentleman.

      Respectfully, Joanne

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