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  • jack_breeden jack_breeden Apr 23, 2011 12:21 PM Flag


    I have just discovered this stock and I'm pretty excited with what I have found so far. There seems to be really good potential here, but I would like to ask a couple of questions.

    It looks like some sort of joint venture with CGG will happen, which is probably a good thing, but I wonder if that will result in dilution. What do you think?

    Also, everyone is aware that the Congo is a volotile environment. Has BAA had any problems with the government or radical elements in the country?

    Thanks in advance for your help and


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    • That's your opinion. The rest of us who have known "the bird" for years on other PM message boards deduced long ago that listening to it's incoherent rantings, being threatened with lawsuits and such was not worth the occasional gem that one could easily discover on their own time.

      After all you should follow your own research anyways vs. listening to the opinions of others, especially nutjob aliases with no credibility.

      I'm sure you will have to learn the hard way about the bird, you wouldn't be the first.

    • test....

    • Go home! This one is not for you.

      Statement already that NO dilution will occur.

      In every story that's come out ALREADY. So you can't pull that particular rabbit out of your hat.

      As for the DRC, if you are DRC-averse and scared of it, you won't be here in the first place. So you're not going to BOO! a single holder with that one, either.

      Naive retail investors weren't involved AT ALL with last week's run-up.

      The stock was at 87 percent Institutional investors - and the bluest of blue-chip ones, in Canadian and Gold sector terms - before a few of Da Canadian Boyz decided to do some casual game-playing on the warrants issue announcement, which is par for the course.

      They went overboard, though - temporarily losing faith in their own sector - and this JV announcement caught them totally by surprise.

      Now they NEED to come back in again fast, before analyst initiations and the REAL distribution can occur.

      They're not going to let Baby Shorts led by the notorious "Steven Jon Kaplan" and his Botnets deter them.

      We will be back up to that 87 percent Institutional stat at lightning speed now.

      And if the Stevie Bots don't go away and stay away, I'd bet the Ontario Security Commission and the SEC might want to hear about it.

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      • O.K.

        I don't understand your implied accusations that my questions were not legitimate or why you advised that this stock is not for me. Although your comments were somewhat disrespectful, they were actually beneficial.

        I am actually bullish on Chinese stocks and PM explorers in China, and as I stated, I think a joint venture with CGG would probably be a good thing.

        If you would comment on the effect of the political situation and unrest in the Congo, You would have given me your opinion of all my questions.

        I'm not here to make waves and I'm genuinely interrested in investing in this company.

        Thanks again.

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