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  • IAE21 IAE21 Dec 15, 2010 4:46 PM Flag

    Trying to Buy


    When you say that the rebound is coming sooner than you think, are you referring to the economy in general or just housing?

    And are we talking about pre-2007 levels?

    Please clarify....

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    • Won't pretend to be an expert. Most "experts" thought recovery would be going by now. I have always thought it would be at least mid-year 2011. I think housing is starting to show signs of recovery. Hedge funds are actually starting to buy toxic assets now. It's in vogue. I think housing will start looking good end of 2011 and early 2012. As the article stated, population is growing. I know as soon as my kids turned 18 they wanted to live in their own house. By the age of 25 all 3 had their own homes. One has already sold a smaller home and bought one on the golf course and he's only 29. My point is simple. Homebuilding has not kept up but the glut has been absorbing the amount of population growth but will soon not be enough. New car sales are already incresing due to pent up demand while unemployment has actually been incresing still. The main reason? Population growth. More kids are turning 16-18 and need cars. Parents are giving them the old opnes in most cases and they are buying new ones. Housing is no exception. The real growth in this concrete sector is going to be infrastructure. Obama has only spent 1/3 of what has already been approved and he's already asking for more. The Republicans will see that it gets going. I see infrastructure kicking in big time mid year 2011. We have one or two more quarters of weak numbers and then the trend will be our friend. JMHO. DaninFW

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      • Dan I am an expert. After working for nine years as a CFO in the land developement and housing industres, I worked for thirteen years in the redi-mix, asphalt and aggregates industries, currently I have spent five years working for a large public works contracting company. Since March of 2010 and even earlier I have been consistently correct with my conservative position while you have remained the eternal optomist. How are you making out with your RMIX stock position that you so confidently added to as I warned you to sell?
        I will tell you that no one can predict the future, but your call that things will improve substantially within six months is categorically wrong IMHO. I can't wait to read your reply to this post a year from now.

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