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  • ace_tracker ace_tracker Feb 12, 2004 7:48 PM Flag

    RADs SSS Are Expected To Be High


    They have the easiest comparisons in the Industry and as we have heard on this board before and in press issued > RAD doesnt figure SSS the way CVS and WAG does.
    Nope, this train is not going anywhere soon as the street now feels the grocery strike out wesy is the only thing helping RAD right now so until the grocery strike is over dont look for the downward trend to end. Then when it is over again dont look for the downward trend to end.
    Does anyone know where the 401K and the retirement lawsuit stands? How much are they going to have to patout to settle it?
    RADq is way overvalued at these prices and we will see a trip to $3.85 which will bring it more in line with its peers , even then High priced but hey its suppose to be in a turn around mode so we can live with $3.85.
    If and when the strike is over and RAD can pull a profit in Q1 and Q2 then the street will see the turnaround is infact working and at that time will bring it right in line with the multiples its peers are trading at and it will grow from there.
    Am I sounding less bearish? NO! Not yet ,a lot of hurdles ahead yet.
    No Eckerd deal for RAD. That was another little rabbit that that will also get its legs cut out from under it. But , hey its nice to bid even if you bid the lowest just for the press. However that little rabbit should have been left in the hat to grow. Remember the last little rabbit > A combination of remodels and new stores to total 75 in the fourth quarter of 2005. Wow that little rabbit will be dead when we get there and that is exactly what I expect. Remember boys and girls in this biz you will take press anyway you can get it. The bad news is > Im around and Im awaiting patiently.....................ace

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    • You remind me of the kid no one liked in school and the mother kept consouling him that its the other kids and not him. Then it repeats again in high school and the rest of their life. Sort of like Frank Burns on MASH.

    • How can the top five executives of a company with so many troubles as RAD be paid so excessively. The Chair is listed with an annual pay at $3.37 million; the president/ceo at $3.29 million; the CAO/CFO AT $1.55 million; one senior Executive VP at $1.41 million; and one senior Executive VP at $1.15 million. Senior executives who work the system for such compensation can be doing it only with the cooperation of a board of governors. Corporations being very successful practice better governance than does RAD. Surely this compensation philosophy of big time pay that meets the criteria of GREED must include the board members. This corporation reflects all signs of being a loser, but the senior executives do not let that bother them as they take all they can get. This corporation merits a good look from large investment holders and should be addressed without delay by individual shareholders. RAD CURRENTLY MEETS ALL THE CRITERIA FOR BEING A CORPORATION BEING OPERATED BY INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT A PRIMARY RESPSONSIBILITY IS TO ADVANCE THE CORPORATION FOR THE REAL OWNERS - THE SHAREHOLDERS.

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      • Great post.This needs to happen before Rad goes down the same path as before.Shareholders need to speak up. We are paying their salarys.

      • Agreed corporate America has shown massive greed, especially the last 8 months....Brokers, investment advisors sentiment and indiv. investor sentiment is very bullish....while insiders have sold their stocks at a record pace...something is rotten but the 'bull' is hiding it....But, If you think RAD execs. are over paid, check ebay....Meg Whitman, CEO, has become a billionairess on the backs of the shareholders....same with other high flying techs....

      • they control the board...5 0f 8 are from meyer's...forgot about cushy stock options. They do have stock holders in mind. Stock has went from $12 when crew took over and they have turned it around to where we are today...I think they deserve all the big buy Eckerds and repeat what happened in the 90's when they over extended themselves with PCS and Thrifty Payless..there's another good reason for another pay raise....where are all the pumpers? Think they have just about pumped out..Ok its bash time, just becuase i don't buy the hype bestowed on the great Miller and co.

      • What the RAD top executives receive as remuneration is "chicken feed" compared to that which is paid out in many organizations. Hell, the company is finally turning the corner and your pissin' and moanin' about their pay.

        Do you have any concept or realization of the crap those folks have had to deal with in order for the company to survive? Hats off to them and every other loyal RAD employee who has contributed to the company's survival.

        Check out a one year chart on share value. They have lined the pockets of many investors in the last twelve months.

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