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  • RickM352 RickM352 Oct 5, 2007 1:56 PM Flag

    don't think 200 new stores'll do it......

    waited forever at the rite aid pharmacy for my percocet, (herniated disk), while 5 pharm. techs were frantically trying to get other scripts filled. me thinks they'll have to open a few more than the original 200 indicated. folks gettin sicker by the second. and surgeons performing more and more operations by the minute....(some unnecessary). as ole roberto dylan once stated....."you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows". stop by one some day and see the lines of people waiting for their scripts. she's a mover. good luck all.

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    • poor Tracy...

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    • They will close 200 before they open 200 new ones.

      Go to Mexico. After a night a Sr. Frogs (2nd in the chugalug contest)(last in the wet t-shirt contest) I had a splitting headache. I went into the pharm, walked right up to the counter and asked for some darvacets(sp). The Phx(lol)stated he didnt have any, but could sell me some percodine. Too bad I had to use them all before I came back to the states. 5 Minutes max in and out.

      We need to have health care like our amigos to the south.

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      • i'm sure you meant percodan. no such drug as percodine. and percodan's been dicontinued. it's now percocet. if you did acquire some of whatever, i guarantee you didn't see any type of container. if you had you would've noticed a past due date from around 1987. i'm sure you can purchase almost anything anywhere and at any time. let's stick to reality. the stats are there for all to see. every single year there are more and more people becoming ill with more and more diseases. like are having babies. more people = more customers. holistic therapy is great for the occasional headache or tummy ache, but we're talkin depression, autism, diabetes, ddd...(degenerative disk disease), allergies, arthritis......and the beat goes de da de da. and don't forget those little M&A's. just a little food for thought. good luck all.

      • Still hung over from Senor Frogs going to the drug store! Sounds like you really are a loser-2nd Not first in the chugalug contest and then needed drugs to handle the next day. Better clean that "L" off your forhead.

        Why is it that all the world comes to the USA for operations and our doctors yet "they have better health care than the us"

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