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  • cahill.allan cahill.allan Feb 26, 2008 10:00 AM Flag

    American paychecks "too low" for people to invest


    There COULD be a few suicides in the near future. Don't be FOOLED by the up days (ALL LOW LOW VOLUME!!). Layoffs are coming in the investment industry because too many people are clearly pulling their $$$ out (i.e. Baby Boomers want a retirement) and there's NO NEW money coming in. There are NO CATALYSTS to move this market up. Get out NOW before you lose it all. Dow will be at 6,000 or less in a year's time. The "Investment Professionals (lol)" CAN'T tell you the TRUTH because they're LEECHING off of your hard earned $$$ in management FEES to feed THEIR FAMILIES (they DON'T CARE about yours)!! I can tell you the truth, the financial advisors WON'T, because they need to make $$$. Don't go down with them!!! Get your $$$ out of stocks and yes, BONDS also, and into CASH (Bank CD's are alot better than losing bigtime $$$ and RUINING your life). HOLD ON TO WHAT YOU'VE WORKED FOR AND KEEP IT!!

    They'll say ANYTHING to keep you at the CRAPS TABLE.

    Capitalism is based ultimately upon two polarities: how much can I charge for my good or service? and secondly: how little can I pay my employees to sell it for me? Obviously, the aristocracy at the top would want to charge the most while paying the least. However, charge too much, no consumer will consume, pay too little, no worker will work.


    My life and world are run and controlled by corporations, not good government, nor the fable of democracy.

    The only people who think capitalism is a good thing are the same people who have managed, usually by shady deals and backstabbing (literally) to accumulate massive wealth on the backs of the poor. Wealth should not be a product of how much I can F'UCK over the next guy, but rather a distribution of resources "more equally" amongst all the people.

    If everyone had resources more equally, there would be no attitudes of envy, jealousy, nor greed, because no one would be wanting or needing. This is not something which is unattainable, but merely impossible as long as capitalism exists in its current form, because it does nothing but the complete opposite of socialism. The days of the $50 million/year CEO's are indeed numbered.

    These pudgy Wall Street guys just want FEE INCOME from your hard earned $$$$. They are nothing but lazy DEGENERATE GAMBLERS. Keep your $$$ and take care of your family (they sure as hell DON'T care). Basic needs in life is ALL you need. This economy is collapsing as we speak. Don't buy any more stock - the smart $$$ is getting out now - I hope you're not too blind or stupid to see it. Recession? You ain't seen nothin yet......we're facing a DEPRESSION that WILL last longer than any of you would have ever believed. Greed does NOT work in the long run.

    As Abe Lincoln said: "A House Divided CANNOT Stand" - and this DOES actually hold true on Wall Street!!! If everyone is at each others THROATS competing, backstabbing, and trading stocks between one another trying to profit off each others' backs WITHOUT hard work - the house WILL (and actually is) coming down. People today are Lonelier and Lazier than ever before - Please DON'T buy into this PONZI scam happening on Wall Street.

    Its time for these CLOWNS in $2,000 suits on CNBC to roll up their sleeves and do an honest day's work instead of GAMBLING your $$$!!! I'm calling on EVERYONE to make them go to work like the rest of us and stop flapping their big mouths - they don't know SQUAT and THEY KNOW IT!...I'm laughing my ass off right now listening to their conflicting OPINIONS...hold on to your $$$ before they get it ALL....none of them are LEECHING off my family anymore.

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    • What's the point? If you don't want to invest, then don't. There are plenty of other things to do with your money.

    • Thanks for your spam. Unlike other industries, the financial industry is able to quickly return to profitability by laying people off. As such the financials will be the first sector to rebound. However, until we've a good handle on level 3 assets, CDO and CMO write downs, I will remain very cautious toward scaling back into the financial sector. Moreover, I'm accumulating a war chest to purchase real estate in anticipation of a further drop in property values.

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