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  • ace_tracker ace_tracker May 27, 2008 10:19 AM Flag

    Its The > Low Down Time


    Sorry I cant give you any good news but heres the Low Down.

    Rite Aid still holds the Property in Kalkaska Mich which has been closed for at least 3 years. Its a very nice closed store on prime property on the corner of US 131. Did not see a WAG or CVS in close proximity.

    Rite Aid in Petoskey on a Sunday Night at 8:50 had one car leaving and 2 Employees Cars. WAG had 8 and I dont know how many of them were employees. Monday evening around 6:00 RAD had a whopping 6 cars total , WAG had 17. These stores both sit on US 131 with prime locations.

    Now the best and most Important >>> Found 22 pounds of fresh Mushrooms, had a great time camping and enjoying the great side of life..................ace

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    • You information worth nothing for RAD share price. You only saw that WAG as more costumer than RAD at a specific hour. WE all already know this. WE all know that WAG is growing faster than RAD, but it doesn't mean RAD share price worth $1 or $3 based on this information. It only means that WAG should be valued higher than RAD and if you calculte the entreprise value compare to their respective EBITDA, you will see that WAG is valued with a higher multiple than RAD. Your information is useless another time.

    • You know what's sad? To see retirees with nothing to do with their used up life. You should take up fishin, kniting or even line dancing. Do you know how much gas you've wasted driving around taking notes on parking lot populations? Hey're not one of them pedophiles waitin for some little 10 year old to walk out of one those stores late at night, unattended are you? Here's the real need to get a grip on life, guy.

    • ace-tracker.
      Don't count RAD customers. Worry about RAD debt.
      As long as RAD perform "reasonably” (say so-so level), RAD's debt will decide whether it will go up or not.

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