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  • chelsea10011 chelsea10011 Jun 9, 2009 8:16 PM Flag

    Fitch revises Rite Aids outlook to stable.

    weren't the naysayers talking about chapter 11 for rad last month

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    • There is no Chapter 11 for this pig. This pig is gonna fly soon.

      26 Billion in Revenues. Only 6B in debt not that bad.

      Look at the shippers all of them had 1B - 2B in debt but their revenues are way below 26B. Yet their stocks are trading $10-26. Plus they need to maintain the value of their ships in order not to breach their loan covenants.

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      • Care to guess how much per day they plan to lose next year?

        Nah. Not that bad.

        Do you even have a clue why they are losing that much $$$ per day? Nah, not that bad.

        Nothing in that release pertained how RAD was going to turn around its current misfortune. Nothing.

        All it said is that it could put all its energies into doing it...and then proceeded to tell where it lags the sector and why...alluding to the rest of the sector being pretty darn healthy.

        Jr, dont you think that if someone on the BOD had a clue on how to reverse the misfortune RAD is currently facing, they would have done so? In a week or so, you will hear the same up beat tempo about the future and another q will be in the books.

        What folks forget is that a year ago, Mary predicted the ECK stores would be doing the same GREAT buisness as the first turnarounds they did.

        Well, if you happened to look at the last SSS, the stores actually did WORSE than last year and guess what...they are closing down the POOR PERFORMERS.

        Ah, but it aint that bad, is it?

      • Junior nimrod,

        Like the way you bring a discussion down into the gutter. No facts, only insults. If you read my other posts, (if you can actually read) you'll see my history on this stock.

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