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  • djhpa92.2000 djhpa92.2000 Aug 30, 2012 9:22 AM Flag

    hey lap doggie of the dnc, lets talk sports

    you have a loosing team

    you hire a new coach and give him a blank check

    after 4 years and trillions spent you still have a loosing team
    what do you do?
    Replace the coach, and we will on Nov 06, 2012.

    its that simple.

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    • facts is the economy would be doing a lot better without dumbo his oppresive regulations, his anti business fanatics at the EPA
      the croney capitalism
      ect, ect, ect.

    • The fact is after a full decade of contraction the private sector is finally growing!

      Compensation has finally started to tick up slightly while benefits are still dropping.Just like in the 80s and the 90s it is going to take a long period of job growth for the average worker to have any pricing power.It will take even longer than it did in the 80s 90s and 00s because the federal government is not sending cash to state and local governments to add jobs.While that is a long term positive it means it will take more time for the economy to recover if the private sector not only has to add more jobs,but has to make up for continued losses in state and local government jobs.

      As you can see from my other posts I am all for continued shrinking of state and local government employment. After almost 40 years of uninterrupted growth state and local government payrolls need to continue to shrink.That is what a true fiscal conservative would hope for, but not a cheerleader for team FOX.

      The good news in your case is that since you seem to believe that the government doesn't add anything to the economy you must be the only person that believes the scheduled changes for the end of the year will not effect the economy. good luck with that

    • so just like dumbo you think

      "the private sector is doing fine"

      and his also out of touch

      "you didn't build that someone else did".

      NEWS FLASH , things are hurting out here in the private sector.

      you must either have a govt job or work for a university.

    • At least you are willing to admit you do not look at the situation or the facts at all.

      You just have your pom poms out screaming go team go team!!!!!!~

      We had private sector job shrinkage with growth in government spending and employment for over 10 years.That has finally turned and the same people running the show when everything went to hell in a hand basket want the checkbook back.

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