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  • ace_trackers ace_trackers Jan 31, 2013 9:04 AM Flag


    My numbers came in skewed for January as the Flu Season reeked havoc on my numbers. Good thing the Flu Season is nearing its end and we can get back to whats really happening at RAD...............ace

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    • You are correct remember this from this month

      Rite Aid Reports 2.2 Percent Same Store Sales Decrease for December Business Wire

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      • actually, their same store sales had been down four consecutive months prior to today's release.... Walgreens has been down 8 consecutive months.

        Do you understand the difference between generic drugs and name brand drugs? Do you understand the ways they effect the pharma industry across the board?

        why don't you short RAD? I'm sure it will work out.

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    • FLUKE plus mumbo jumbo report again as usual . They always do that. They always say something like revenues are down sales are up or vice versa and that generics are hurting their bottom line or the Calendar had a different span between holidays. Why doesn't CVS and WAG cook up excuses like that? LOL! Cant help thinking about Enron, LOL!

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    • "The earnings were fluffed and the flu skewed the numbers for January"

      Boy, you have a lot of excuses for all the good news coming from RAD. BTW you never answered my question:

      "You keep saying that RAD fluffed the numbers for the last quarter(TOTAL BS). RAD dropped the net loss by $202 million YOY. So explain the last 9 months? ."

      "Net loss for the thirty-nine week period ended December 1, 2012 was $5.0 million compared to the net loss of $207.3 million for the thirty-nine week period ended November 26, 2011"

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      • The acester and his compadres aren't traders. I took a beat down on this stock back in April. But I kept following it. Then when it was around 0.97 cents, I said, "I've got a hankering to buy me some Rite Aid stock." My wife said, "you told me that if you ever said that to tell you not to." Sure fire reason to buy. I bought at 1.23. Sold at 1.44. Bought back in at 1.58 and doubled down at 1.52 and 1.51. The acester gets emotional and then rationalizes. Cliche of cliches, but it's true. I can't believe acester even has money left to trade. Maybe that's why he posts so much.

        Straight up, if this stock can continue to eke out profits, it will trade at $2 very shortly. Simple as that. The upside even at 1.62 is way more than the downside risk. Downside price of 1.29. Upside price of 2 Plus. Inflection at 1.76 or so. Script counts increasing. I could give a #$%$ about generic/brand - that will take care of itself. Script counts are increasing, that is the bread and butter of a drugstore, isn't it? Isn't that why the word "drugs" comes before the word "store"?

    • Ace, aren't you tired of being wrong?

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    • First off, flu season is not coming to an end. Look it up buttercup. Secondly, we still grew customers without the flu.

      Just cling to your pathetic excuses and explanations, captain delusion.

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