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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Feb 2, 2013 10:02 PM Flag


    One thing I have learned in about 20 years of posting on message when you have one or more people ALWAYS bashing a stock there is about 90% of the time a personal motivation involved. Most likely they are an ex-employee that got fired for theft, sexual harrassment or poor job performance. Other possibilites is not promoted or even customer arrested for theft. It is hard to imagine anyone posting for years constant negativity especially when things are changing. Ace recently commented that he has been right for 13 years and then he projects sales as a fairly large decrease and they come in with a three tenths percent increase. He dismisses it as he didn't consider this or that......yet he claims to always be right and knows every facet of the company! Really? I just posted an analyst expect that RAD will save $60 million a year after the refi.....that alone is about 7 cents earnings/cash flow+/.-. At a PE of say 10 that alone should add another 70 cents to current price 9-12 months from now when analysts see it's for real. I see $2 in next 30-60 days and probably much sooner and $3 by end of 2013. We should easily trade between $4-5 in 2014. You can also bet they will continue more refi over next 1-3 years and we should easily pick up another dime+ from those efforts in EPS ($1 in price per share). I would also add that ACE apparently doesn't understand how to calculate gross margin % or gross margin dollars. He either didn't understand, lied to faciliate his agenda or can't read. Again, he was wrong. Sales are down because of less retail dollars for the same prescription, generic versus name brand, however, profit dollars are up. They are making more money than ever while ringing up less. I spent 40+ years in retail. Almost every company bases the amount of payroll in a retail operation on sales after a base has been established for minimal operating requirements. This tells me that stores are up in cusomer count, gross margin dollars are up BUT they should be given less payroll hours to spend which now gives us even MORE dollars to drop to the bottom line. I don't expect ACE to grasp that one either. In closing, ACE constantly talks about the NOL's and how RAD is playing games with earnings. Once again, you have to have earnings before you can even use NOL's. They simpy protect your future and current earnings from taxes hence adding to cash flow. ACE cannot and will not prove otherwise. He just blabbers on. He cuts and pastes to try to prove an invalid point. I have often said that it's kind of like reading the bible. You can take many passages by themselves and many times come up with many different assessments. That's why you have to read the preceeding and proceeding passages. Get ready for ACE to cut and paste this one and give it 4-5 thumbs down with all his aliases. DaninFW

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    • Bump! Just making sure Ace reads this. It may give him insite into himself!!!

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    • Dan - Your post was dead on and very well written concerning bashers. I have owned RAD on and off for many years. Owned it in the $50s and bought it as low as .40. Over all I have made a lot of money on RAD. I know ACE has been posting and bashing for a lot of years. Years ago when I posted on the old boards ACE was a bitter basher and I concluded back then he was caught holding RAD back when it dropped like a rock from the Grass Jr. era. It is hard for me to understand why anyone would waste there time posting on a message board on a stock they believe is a loser. With ACE I guess he doesn't have anything to do but has become the legend RAD basher .I have been trying to get him to smell the $$$$ and to buy RAD and who knows he might be buying. I sure hope so. I like your analogy of the bible and i believe is verified in 2 Peter 1:20. All aboard.

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      • I should have mentioned that bashers as you pointed out may have lost their shirt and also have a vendetta. Some of the stocks I lost money on taught me my greatest lessons which helped me make a small fortune in future years. Many years ago when I might have lost $500 in the market it was sometimes half my net worth. Now, I might make or lose $50K+ in a single day like I did Friday when RAD went up a dime. The $500 I lost 30-40 years ago hurt a lot more than if I lost $50K now.........hard to believe sometimes how much I have been Blessed. I have no problem with people buying or shorting a stock. There is usually the opportunity to do both. I think it's time to short the broadcasting sector as I was long for almost 2 years. I won't do it because that's not my preference. I just hate the negativity. I'm 80% cash right now because I don't like the market but I like RAD. A guy like ACE has a personal agenda. Nobody bashes for 13 years just to save the rest of us from a bad investment. It's personal but he will never tell the truth DaninFW

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    • Great post...

      Separately, I think it's proven w both this board and the mf article today that there is no consensus or reason to short this stock.

      I'm going to continue buying on ALL dips.

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