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  • ace_trackers ace_trackers Feb 14, 2013 1:47 PM Flag


    I believe it was posted by lynngeoc(riteaidjrofficer). At least she stated that. Her husband works for Rite Aid.

    Not even one RAD long noticed the wrong spelling of Rite Aid until days later.

    Regardless if it was posted for a reason or not, RAD will end up filing BK in due time. Dont fall for the 3rd or 4th Q Numbers as they are, and will be fluffed by no LIFO charge in the third quarter and by the Tax Credit in the 4th. Understand what you are dealing with here.......................................ace

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    • Ace please explain why some very savvy big time investors (like Blue Mountain Capital) have recently taken very large positions-both stocks and bonds--in Rite Aid; several brokerages and banks have raised their estimates to "outperform" and "buy"; rating agencies have raised RAD's credt rating; the banks are continuing to refiance RAD debt well into the future; RAD recently beat the street by posting positve earnings and raising guidance going forward; performance is steadily improving as measured by every important metric; the economy is improving; the baby boomers are aging quickly and need and want more and mored drugs; many big market drugs have gone or are going generic bringing sigificantly higher profit margibs; and Obmacare will be kicking in in less than a year, providing tens of millions of currently uninsured people with prescription drug insurance coverage. Does this sound like a bankruptcy scenario for RAD? I don't think so and many people a lot smarter and more objective than you Ace don't think so either.

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      • *******I don't think so and many people a lot smarter and more objective than you Ace don't think so either.******

        jo I have heard this #$%$ from you since RAD was over $5. Where is it at today???

        Im not going to bother answering your Lame Brain question due to your inability to comprehend everything I have put forth. So watch it play out. Those smarter and mor objective people you are talking about could be your neighbor, co worker, or even a friend. I could work for Wallstreet. You have no clue as to what you are talking about so just watch what I say play out...............................ace

    • don.cassel Feb 15, 2013 5:26 AM Flag

      Isn't that cute! The Acehole, Jet and Twitman are having another circle jerk!


    • Did Rad buy one Independent drug store? Yay!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Ace, I don't give that a boys unless I feel the person knows what they are talking about and you do. Keep taking the arrows from the long's i got your back and rad will sink like the titanic. thanks for your rational information.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Ace, You are becoming increasingly incoherent and non-sensical with each passing day. You fool some people for a while, but sooner or later you post something really ridiculous--like today talking about the non-existent bankruptcy letter and suggesting that somehow Rite Aid can apply a tax credit to fluff earnings when they have no annual profits against which they could use the tax credit. It's kibd of a shame, because you do post some interesting information and analysis from time to time, but your credibility on this board as an objective commentator is shot to hell..

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