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  • jetfocus jetfocus Mar 19, 2013 5:59 PM Flag

    WAG went up more than RADs stock is worth!


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    • It is clear as a bell that Wag is about to have Rad for lunch, rather a little snack. Ace called for the rise of Wag and away it went as did my portfolio today. With the report of the new alliance and each new report that Rad is losing sales after Express Scripts it is truly time to say good bye to a long Rad position. I hope the intelligent investor is getting out before it is to late. Take a share of Rad and go buy that big mac you want longs.

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      • Dang, WAG up another 2.91% today. But wait, RAD up another 4.3% today. That brings RAD to a plus 42.65%YTD, and one batch I have held since mid-June up 64.41%, in less than 9 months. God I should just buy mutual funds, or CD's I suck.

        Oh, but then some of my other holdings: KO (+8.5%), DEG (+32.75%), GE (+11.1%), HPQ (+62.18%), INTC (+2.51%), OMI (+11.61%), PEP (+12.04%) RF (+16.27%) Guess instead of adding to my positions in KO and INTC, and, initiating a position in MRK (+5.21% since purchase on 2/15/2013), should have added to my riskier ones like DEG, RF and RAD.

        Overall, as my holdings were on 1/1/2013, up 20.20% YTD, excluding mutual funds 401k stuff and IRA's, Roth and traditional. That #$%$ held by others in those mutual funds is up a whopping 10.1% ytd, so I can live with my risk/reward safety positions.

    • And, is up 17.55% YTD, on declining SSS. On the other hand, that bump bodes well for Rad (up 36.76% YTD), if April's news is declining SSS, but higher earnings. Then RAD bumps up to what 48% - 50% gain YTD? And,if that happens, not that you, or you, or you, oops I mean acey, chockfullanuts and jet, would scream off the highest mountain, RAD hit new 52 week high. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I like the looks of up 36.7% and change YTD better than 17.5%. Just the way I look at my personal gains.

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