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  • masterwallstreet masterwallstreet Apr 2, 2013 4:15 PM Flag

    It is not over until the fat lady sings

    In my opinion of course, shorty is still digging a deeper hole by shorting more and more. When are they going to realize thaat they will have to cover and soon. You just can not short a stock in an attempt to bring it down. Let's see what happens in less than two weeks. I am hoping for a really big short squeeze. Short squeeze so much that all you hear is the S sound. That is when the fat lady will sing.

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    • Just another thought. Why not plain old profit taking when this admittedly speculative investment is up 100% since the December tax selling season hit?

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      • Why take profits now, unless you have a dog to unload to be able to take the tax write off NEXT year? Can't forsee a major drop past $1.65, so this year one is still up. Agree take profits, if you don''t believe, I have sold some (less than 10%) to offset losses on A POS I was wrong on. Out of that position, recouped my loss (got some gains of RAD, but it a tax wash), and won't know how it turns out until next tax season. RAD goes south and that POS I thought might work soars, or vice versa.

    • I am long RAD. I would appreciate it if you could help me understand your analysis of further shorting. Where can shorts borrow stock at this level? What are the rules for shorting sub-$5.00 stocks? Why would shorts want to take the risk at this level when the most they could make was $1.80 with unlimited loss potential?

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      • In my opinion of course I do not believe it is profit taking. It is too close to earnings. Why would you sell something that could be worth double or triple what it is now especially if earnings are good. For the average investor, you would have a hard time shorting a stock that is under $2. Hedge funds do not have a problem shorting a penny stock. When the stock is over $2, you could actually use margins. You could buy twice as many shares. It is an attempt to keep it under $2 so it does not move. If it hits over $2, it could move twice as fast.

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