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  • doncassel Apr 14, 2013 12:22 AM Flag

    Check out the Fool article:

    Rite Aid (NYSE: RAD ) soared after posting its first quarterly profit in six years. There were a few one-time benefits padding those results, and comps clocked in with a 2% decline, but the end result is that the drugstore chain continues to improve its operations.

    These guys don't have a clue!


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    • That report alone could move RAD .50 I believe. Very good read. Made sense

    • doncassel Apr 14, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

      I think you guys missed my point. This was RAD's second quarterly profit. It was their first yearly profit in a long time. The Fools can't get simple facts right!


    • Brian Nichols at Motley Fool probably aligns best with the rationale of us RAD longs. The rest of them simply make clueless comparisons between WAG/CVS and RAD. Ask them to do a difficult due diligence - what's better: WAG or CVS and they wouldn't know where to start. Instead, RAD is easy game to pick. As some of us have maintained now for a while, RAD is extremely undervalued - and irrespective of the bashers on this board, the money flow into RAD supports our sentiment.

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      • As a long time, off and on, RAD shareholder, and a long time Rite Aide shopper, it is very obvious that the turn around, while long and disappointing at time, and during a very low point in our countries economic period, has been very successful. RAD management has to be applauded for pulling it off. As far as the small drop in sales, that is really inconsequential when you take in the fact that in many markets, CVS, WAG, Wal Mart, Kroger, etc. and more huge chains have been adding stores faster than the population is growing. So, if RAd can keep sales in app. same range, and keep the great job going of cutting costs and growing net profits, I see sp growing steadily in the years ahead. I can see a time in the future that those people on the board today who are thinking that $2.31 is too high and they dont want to buy unless at $2.28 will look back and rue the day that they were so foolish to be worrying about pennies, when they could have made multiple dollars on an investment in April, 2013. glta

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