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  • dirtywill88 dirtywill88 May 18, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    A lesson learned - to all new longs - don't make the same mistake!

    I first bought RAD @.99, 1.23, 1.36, accumulating around 90k shares. After the price seemed to stall @1.70, I sold everything and took profits. In the mean time, I kept close watch. After year-end earnings were released, I was lucky enough to quickly snag 50k shares @2.00 and bought more on the way up. I was elated to be back in the game. Having months of experience watching the stock, I anticipated there being a drop once April numbers were released so, again, I sold everything @2.53 and took profits, my cost basis was 2.25.

    W months of experience watching the stock, I should have known better. I did hold onto 10k shares this time but the majority were gone.

    Still as fate should have it, I was again lucky enough to buy in a third time, and continued buying over these last 10 days, re-accumulating shares at a new cost basis of 2.535.

    Of course, had I just held my initial shares, I wouldn't be writing this.

    My point is simple. I thought I was playing it safe by selling the first two times, when, in reality, I let my caution and fear get the best of me. I didn't stick to my gut and I paid a price, despite some gains.

    This stock will continue breaking new ground for a multitude of reasons, but there will be times where it stagnates, retraces, consolidates, almost lulling then scaring you to take profits. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I've made.

    This is my third chance not to screw up.

    I'm not counting my gains anymore.

    Just hold the stock.

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    • My tale of woe is much worse. Bought a large position at 1.41 only to sell at 1.36 on the retrace because RAD didn't pop after fiscal cliff. Then rebought in but only 50K shares. Am now holding. Just like you - this is a buy and hold stock. The upside is 3.50 or higher and can possible top out at 4.50 then 6. If I had held one more day, I would have had the 9 day up turn in mid Jan and probably held for the entire ride. Oh well.

      Lesson learned is - don't get caught up in the coulda shoulda woulda. Identify a retrace from a sell off. Play the game with confidence, and if you get burned then celeste la vie. You sound like a trader, so use your mind for the picks but your instincts for the moves.

      Bottom line is this: QE is creating asset price inflation. Any asset w/ capital structure like RAD is bound to do well in this kind of environment. Couple that with Obamacare and the fact the drugstores chains are well positioned for it, and you've got yourself a nice pick.

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      • Appreciate the insight... One aspect of the turnaround that guidance does not see as relevant this year, is the impact of Obama Care which should benefit 2014, 2015, but have little impact on 2013...

        Frankly, all I ask of them this year is that they stay profitable... Also, as RAD transforms itself into a formidable player, I think it's essential that its stock transforms fully from a trader's stock to a longer term holding.

        Institutional support certainly bodes well, but fundamentally, I just hope that they continue to increase cost cutting measures beyond generics...

    • Let me congratulate you on your spectacular profits even though you sold a bit early. I would've done the same. I've been in the market for 30 years now and have seen great profits escape me because I decided to "buy and hold". And I've also sold far too early as well. My point is that you will be hard pressed to buy at the very bottom or sell at the very top. Enjoy any profit because, many a time, stocks perform contrary to where we think they should be headed. As far as RAD is concerned,I'm still not that comfortable that I feel I can relax and feel confident that great things are ahead. I own 15,000 shares, divided over three accounts, and will hold for now. I need to see decisive improvement in operational revenue and profitability before I increase my holdings. Go out and celebrate your outstanding profits.

    • I bought over 50k shares at $1.46 couple years ago and held as it went down to .95 I'm still holding. I bought because I've been watching RAD as well as shopping there for years (wish I'd had access to my 401k money when it went down to .22). I've always felt Rite Aid was at least as good as the competition and when WAG moved in next door several years ago, that was confirmation. Welcome all!!! Relax, Stay positive, and play it the way you choose. Bottom line I think Rite Aid is a great company and will be for years.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You sound like me, but me I am the optimist. Bought, sold, repeated. Now, after doing so, have less shares of RAD, but shares I have I consider the "house's" money. Got all mine back, redeployed a good chunk in MRK and INTC. Best part is, I still have some cash sitting in the trading accounts of both taxable and Roth, waiting to deploy. Yes, been debating adding more RAD to the Roth account, been debating adding a utility (don't have one) like WEC there. Maybe a communication like VZ or T (none there either), all decent yields.

      Just waiting and watching, may add to what I already have, may finally add a new sector.

      Never really wrong taking some profits off the table.

    • It can work both ways. I bought several thousand @ 1.97, then sold at 2.61 and bought back the same amount at 2.50. Nothing earth shaking, but a profit is a profit

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      • Are you serious? 30% in 1 month is phenomenal.

      • Profit is profit, but, not every stock is the same. My point was that I knew this was more then a swing stock. This was and is a diamond. I knew that this was one of the best opportunities if not the best opportunity out there to at the very least double(still is). I poured through every data point going back months. I learned more than I ever should about the pharma industry. I knew I had a winner, but at some point, I lost sight and sold early, TWICE. I had 20 pct gains but had I stuck to my initial thesis, I'd be up almost 200pct.

        There's nothing wrong taking profit but don't expect to get back in anywhere close to the same levels.

        People used to ride this stock up and down. All I'm saying is, times have changed. Better to hold. And if you do sell, jump back in. As you did.

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