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  • mickeyjr.5150 mickeyjr.5150 Sep 20, 2013 5:56 AM Flag

    Morning to all I am happy Rad is doing well.

    Thanks to all who put up with my story telling about RaD I just felt very strong about the value at hand.
    Pray we get the debt ceiling debate over soon.

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    • mickey, what else are you buying right now, and why?

    • Mickey, how are you doing your calculations? I see you are saying $5.50 by December '13 and $8.00 by December '14. From a Technical point of view - when I look at the slope of the trend on a logarithmic chart - I am seeing $16-$17/share by December '14. I still have yet to learn fundamental analysis, can you shed some light on what Fundamentals would be needed to drive the stock price that high? Is $16/share possible, or just a Technical wet dream?

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      • $ 16 is possible for Dec 2014 even more crazy $ 8 by Dec 2013 The Point and Figure chart has RAD at $ 12.50 There is still a lot of institutional buy to be had and I'm sure those insiders who sold are sure #$%$ at them self's. But I am being very Conservative. As long as the volume stays strong very possible. RAD needs lots of volume every day volume this attracts eyeballs and many more articles to broaden the base. I encourage all of us to spread the word by replying to Motley Fool articles and Seeking Alpha articles. Be kind but point out the valuation to RAD peers and other dollar stores it will be easy for them to take a second look. Now that RAD is margin-able and we have 2 great quarter to go $ 5.50 should be easy. The % returns on RAD are just to compelling for analyst and institution not to take a position and claim fame from RAD stock price results.
        I really hope Ace covered.. I feel very sure of the $ 5.50 by Dec 2013. As the stock price goes up the mural will follow. Watch for any pull back and get more last chance to fix your IRA.

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    • Mickey,
      I gotta hand it to you. Your prescience on RAD is uncanny - far more than my calculus is! I now have increasing faith in your $5.50 estimate for Dec. Or have you revised that upward after management's new guidance?

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    • You're welcome Mickeyjr, and you're preaching to the choir on RAD. I rode it down from 1.46 to .95 and back up again. It's still my number one position. Congratulations and Good Luck to all!

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    • You really nailed it with this one mickeyjr, and thank you for letting those of us on the NUAN board about it. I jumped in after doing some DD and it's been good news ever since.

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