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  • nitehauler nitehauler Jun 5, 2014 10:11 AM Flag

    50 Day MA held, been trading for 11 yrs, MM buying, shorts covering

    Most of these people here are amateurs, they don't have a clue. I have been trading for 11 yrs. It plain as day on the chart. 50 day moving average held. The MM (market movers) starting buying there as that is a important pivot point and shorts had to cover. Just look at the chart! Don't need to be scared by these people. The chart doesn't lie.

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    • How can we be part of MM ? for easy money machine (MM)

    • Charts tell you the past....and....sometimes let u see into the future.....but at 64 years old and i hv been in the business for well over 40 years in stocks and commoditys as a broker on these exch. Floors, " all the techl. Are great till real-news-hits- any stock..or commodity,,,,,,then its a new ball game and the investors make the price vs. The traders just looking for the fast buck....please all read me tonight, on many diff. Message i answered here.......i bought pre-opening......i bought most of the day ...and bought again after the close....and note..." i d.i.d.n.t. Sell one share !!!!".....this is a gift and if u hv the oppty to buy under $8.00, and hold a little dry-power if we see poss. The low sevens, take all you can......""" we have-not seeeeeeeeeeen the year high print in this stock yet by a long shot """................i p.r.o.m.i.s.e. !!!!..........says vonmax2

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    • Charts don't lie, but corporations don't cut it all the time. End result is stock goes down and again charts don't lie. I guess I agree with you on that point.

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