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  • eightironfrom160 eightironfrom160 Mar 24, 2000 1:43 PM Flag

    Investigation article (cont 2)

    for all uninformed shorts searching for any
    shread of hope to force RAD lower, pls keep plugging the
    PCS thing b/c you dont' know what you're talking
    about--pls keep shortin' b/c you will only have to cover and
    force up RAD.

    I use to work at PCS and am
    familar with the practices stated in the

    #1--the pharma companies are the ones liable for medicaid
    best price issues, not PBM's

    #2 the
    switching/incentive/formulary practices have been around for about 10 yrs,
    starting with Medco and Caremark. There's nothing here.
    The only time you get in trouble is when you get
    DIRECT payments for switching, something Bayer did, for
    example, with ADalat CC. They got nailed. No one does

    #3 enforcing the formulary (getting MD's to write
    the formulary drugs) is WHY pharma companies pay
    rebates--if you don't have formulary enforcement, your just
    Joe's pharmacy and we've already been thru that legal
    morass with indep pharmacies and pharma

    as to why PCS was not sold, the mkt has tanked
    recently for potential suitors. Any PBM like Advanced
    wouldn't care about the subpenoa (they may have even got

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