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  • jon_e_balz jon_e_balz May 28, 2001 9:55 AM Flag


    Realize that the United States deals with shoplifters more leniently than any other country in the world. In the Mideast and Asia, shoplifters are punished by severing their hands. In Singapore, they are beaten severely, in public, with a thin bamboo wand that takes the shoplifter months to recover from. So what I proposed by a good whupping is actually the mildest form of retribution anywhere. You may ask, What about women and teenagers? In their case, a good slapping suffices almost always. The thief is asked a series of questions, and with each answer is slapped smartly across the face, sometimes back and forth with the same slap. Chains and independents that have employed this technique have cut their "pilferage" loss by up to 90%. Some readers wisely object to store personnel becoming involved in dealing with shoplifters. There is no need. All the major chains employ professional security personnel who are charged with dealing with shoplifters. Often these are moonlighting police officers or correction officers who are trained in administering a beatdown to an offender without injury. They also are trained to carry out a whupping in the rear of the store, out of the public eye. Finally, over 70% of shoplifters are minorities, teens or professional shoplifters, all of whom are accustomed to receiving whuppings. If RAD can get its shoplifting under complete control in this manner, it can then devote its entire resources to focus on internal theft which is far more widespread than shoplifting. Think it over. Jonnie

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