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  • joe30_ch joe30_ch Nov 17, 2006 4:46 PM Flag

    You know what the saddest outcome to all the investors

    I am long, losing, pissed, frustrated, confused. WHen I took an investment course 20 years ago, the instructor made it clear (he is so right), everytime you make a move, you are trying to guess the market or to be more precise (the activity/outcome) the stock itself. Nobody has a clue as to what the price will be 1 minute to the next. Only an insider has such information. And I sure ain't an insider. I am in the dark just like everyone here and I do not pump.

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    • Joe,
      NOw I understand you better in this post.

      I am feeling not any better, at least I made few K in zvue, but stupidly bought back xing.

      GLA, let's get drunk this weekend and fk this sht LOL

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      • I've lost 125k this whole week alone because of holding xing. 75k was from profit that I made in Xing. This is fk crazy. I"m in Cuba now and will get drunk tonight. May next week be a better day or cut our losses and move on.

        Moreover, not only losing 125k this week, another 100k I could of made from other stocks if the I was not in xing, that sums up to be 225k. This is the truth, no BS. We all get more grey hair, living in anxiety each day holding this pos. This is so fking unhealthy for an old man like me.

    • Joe, sorry that you're upset. Hopefully everyone will get some rewards soon. I don't get the PR angle either. I mean, CDC Corp. (CHINA) puts out news every day practically. And the people over on that board complain that it's just fluff, which some of it is. I mean really, what is wrong with these companies? I think outsourcing their PR departments to American companies is a good idea.

      We want to be kept informed and not fed a bunch of BS. Why is that so difficult? I'd email Rick, but I'm almost certain he receives a ton of complaints daily and will likely not answer mine. Besides the fact that he still hasn't given out much of an answer to those he has responded to.

      Oh well. I hear your frustration. I think many here feel your pain.

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      • Good Lucj emailing Rick!

        The phone numbers in XING SEC filings are phoney... Try them!!!

        The web site written by a 3rd grader,...

        File your complaints with regard to Xing phoney numbers with NASDAQ. May be this number could help:

        Listing Qualifications
        The NASDAQ Stock Market
        9600 Blackwell Road
        Rockville, MD 20850
        Phone: (877) 536-2737
        (877) 53-NASDQ
        (301) 978-8008

    • With all due respect, you sound like an idiot. You buy into a speculative stock like XING and then get "pissed, frustrated, and confused" when it does not conform to your expectations.

      Get real. Stocks like XING are not for the risk-averse. You seem to know nothing about XING's business and so in your ignorance you give councel to your fears. Do yourself a big favor and sell your XING and invest in some blue chips or mutual funds where you can have more peace of mind.