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  • biggest_bison biggest_bison Nov 4, 2007 8:11 PM Flag

    Go on record for rise from Dutton

    tom, I've ready all of your posts and I have to say you are the biggest pussy on this board. I'm convinced you're a total fraud. your messages say nada. maybe you were created from the mind of usyouand. talk to me about operating margins, cash flow, technical product development life cycles - PLEASE SOMETHING OTHER THAN PUSSY COMMENTS ABOUT NOTHING.

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    • It would be great if markets reacted to hard facts and logic unfortuneately they don't. Fear and greed would be the main movers in the short to medium term.

      Hey I agree that the fundamentals of XING / QXM appear to be great - so does Dutton and a lot of other people. If that was all it took it would be easy to invest and the quant guys would all be mutibillionaires. They are not mainly, in my opinion, because they can't factor in emotion - primarily fear, greed and the herd instinct (I think they can factor in the herd instinct to some degree but not accurately).

      You sound as frustrated as me about the XING PPS. I am down many thousands at this point but not being a trader (not smart enough for that) all I can do is sit around and wait and hope the fundamentls will catch up soon.

      Getting mad at me won't solve any of the XING PPS problems just as anything said on this board won't have any substantial effect on the share price.