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  • roofjasper roofjasper Oct 1, 2013 11:37 AM Flag


    Back to the teens. Fear of reverse is driving this back to the bottom and then after the reverse it will get driven right back to the same spot. No revenue, no products to market, bored shareholders tired of hearing the same old BS, much more dilution coming. This is a no win situation, period. Having to rely on a reverse to get your share price up is the ultimate kiss of death. Easy money for shorts.

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    • Coincidence that stock has dropped precipitously since the conference call with CEO and deal with 3M? Neither event has seemed to inspire "investor" confidence

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      • teamwiresales Oct 1, 2013 6:49 PM Flag

        The problem is indeed lost investor confidence. We didn't need to dilute shares further for more intellectual property rights from 3M. Pumpers were pushing a possible buy-out or a final FDA approval for a wonder drug in the existing pipeline. None of which happened. Carlo took to the phones and the stock immediately dropped. The Arab got #$%$ and sold off a nice block at $0.57 and above. If this puppy rises again into the mid-50's my call is to see the Arab sell again if not sooner. This tale maybe told. Then Rev. Jackson says, "keep hope alive."

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