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    • Actually that contract with Verizon has been in effect since 2009. Does not appear to be a big deal.

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      • I agree that this isn't a big deal. It looks to me like the contract allows Verizon customers to use Boingo hotspots, but that's far different than signing a WiFi offload contract.

        If I understand correctly, Boingo has some sites of its own along with access to a large number of free & paid hotspots, and all of this is tied together with a software package. Boingo claims to have 832 hotspots in NY, but they seem to be a haphazard collection of McDonalds, Starbucks & other locations. So if you're in one of those locations you may or may not get a good WiFi connection, but if you're not in one of those locations, or are in a car or train, then you're SOL.

        TWER on the other hand is building a comprehensive RF-designed network that will give seamless coverage over certain sections of Manhattan. The contracts they hope to sign will allow carriers to offload data onto the TWER network in a way that is transparent to the end-user. The user will think his network is providing great service and he'll be unaware of what's happening in the background.

        So in my opinion, comparing TWER to Boingo is like comparing apples to oranges. And the fact that Verizon has signed a contract with Boingo doesn't mean that they won't be talking to TWER about an offload deal once their i-Phone sales heat up.

      • I don't know if you saw the article Monday in LA Business but this is a quote from the article: Interesting stuff:
        “Increasingly the opportunity is to make Wi-Fi a single monthly fee rolled in with the cellular carrier,” said Phil Leigh, founder of market research firm Digital Media Inc. in Tampa, Fla.
        Boingo faces increased wholesale competition from new entrants like Rhode Island-based Towerstream. That company plans to unveil a 7-square-mile coverage area in Manhattan later this month and has similar plans in Chicago and San Francisco. The larger coverage means Towerstream sells its services to carriers at competitive rates.

        “Cellular carriers will offer Wi-Fi as an enhanced service, and they’ll buy it from a wholesaler like Towerstream,” said Leigh. “That will put pricing pressure on Boingo. Boingo doesn’t have the extensive network that Towerstream has.”

        Boingo didn’t return calls for this article.

    • So now the fun will start.

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      • Russell 2k addition efects should begin to appear from 6/24/11 through 6/end of June) after FORMALLY Russell 2000 Index components Index is re-arranged. WE were wrong to assume to think it will begin on 6/10. But TWER mgmt needs to annouce contracts now (if completed) of the Wi-Fi TWER network. If not completed, it needs to hasten the completion of contracts. Lots of eyes are on TWER.A good PR is as importantb as the opportunity itself.

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