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  • jesco521 jesco521 Jul 22, 2012 4:34 PM Flag

    National Carrier contracts 3 & 4 coming

    I believe TWER has already signed atleast #3 and hopefully #4, Jeff said it would be this summer, he is waiting for the perfect time to announce the GREAT NEWS, as for exact numbers behind these contracts, do not expect MGMT to say a word, until they have signed ALL the BIG DOGS up, they are not talking, they have already let us know this!! It is in the companies (as well as long term TWER investors) best intrest, the negotiations of these contracts are crucial the major carrier contracts are long term agreements and will be in place, will not change and will guarentee TWER money for years to come. If you are to ask any tower or rooftop antenna owner or someone like Mr. Brown who has been brokering these deals for a living (16 years) they will all tell you the same thing, These initial contracts are extreamly important because they will be in place for a LONG time. It is Amazing TWER has already signed 2 contracts, in my opinion they already have #3 and prob even #4, once people start to figure these deals out and realize how much each one of these contracts will be worth this stocks going to shoot through the roof period!!

    This stock is being manipulated in a MAJOR way, i know a TON of people who own this stock and i have yet to hear of anyone who is or has sold a single share, infact they are doing eveything possible to buy more at these low levels.

    Dont give your shares away to these crooks / shorts manipulating this stock and share price, there has been no bad news out there that should have caused any kind of sharp decline like we saw last week, WAS THERE? I truly feel there will be some GREAT NEWS ahead of 2q earrings 8/9, Jeff gave us all a little hint when he said twer had their 2nd and 3rd best months, He also flat out said he believed to have contracts #3 and 4 sometime this summer, things are looking good, i have never felt so good about a single stock in my life and these shorts dont scare me a bit, i am a long term investor in twer and will win this war!!!


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    • it is very hard for me to believe that if #3 & #4 signed that this stock would be trading under $4!

      also, since the famous mr. brown touted this stock as an exceptional value under $5 p/s it has gone down.

      this is a very frustrating stock and it wears on you. i understand riskreward's attitude. this stock never seems to act like it is being presented. i do believe it is manipulated but that does not make it any more palatable.

    • I still would like someone to explain to me why the short interest keeps increasing if we are expecting good numbers on the next CC.

      On July 10th we were at $ 4.70....10 days later are $ 1.00 lower on NO NEWS. All manipulation. Wish I would have sold at $ 5.86 and moved on to something less stressful.

      GL Longs. Ive just about had it with this stock and the BS with these manipultors

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      • Jeff Thompson said ( during the last CC ) they would not release any numbers from backhaul usage on their network, they are under stricked NDA's with the carriers who have signed contracts, SO just like Q1, the numbers looked horible. Looks as if TWER is spending / losing a ton of money because they are spending money on the continued buildout of their network. If they do the same thing we will get the same results, the shorts are banking on the fact that TWERs numbers will look horible due to the build out of their network, what people are not taking into consideration is just how much value ( long term contracts )these networks will bring TWER in the long run. It takes money to make money, which is why Jeff Thompson raised all that money, the good news is that Jeff specifically siad they WILL NOT have to raise anymore money. Should be intresting to see how much info is given during the CC, if they do announce a 3rd or 4th carrier ( IMO, i think they will ) if they do this stock should fly with or without numbers, if we have signed long term contracts with all of the Nations largest wirless carriers, its very obvious we got a stock that is truly WAY UNDERVALUED!

        I did talk to some people who have a TON of stock in twer and have for many years, most of their shares were purchased around 1$, been in this stock for over 4 and 5 years, its sad because because they are compleatly fed up, and are sick and tired of the run around YEAR AFTER YEAR, CC after CC, I got the same thing from them all this is thier last go around, They said if they dont get some kind of clarification as to what can be expected in the near future they are out.

        I am pretty sure we are not going to hear much, again we might get word of another carrier inked, but we will most likley not much more than that. Hope Jeffs got some BIG plans, he has got to learn how to keep his shareholders informed we all deserve to know!!!

    • jes, have never seen you so upbeat! hope you are right.

    • JESCO521
      I own a ton of TWER and have been adding around 4 and have owned for a long time. It is refreshing to have you on our board and to read your very informative post. Keep them coming.

    • I have a theory on last weeks decline, Murphy's newsletter recommends twer & arna, I think many subscribers were over extended in arna an recieved margin calls on arna's fall or some elected to sell twer to buy more arna, I know some who did. I think at least part of twer's weakness was due to arna.

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