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  • garysevan garysevan Nov 13, 2012 6:02 PM Flag



    Had a business meeting earlier.

    Was a tad pressed for time and, so, continuing my earlier thoughts…

    And we'll start with the fact that, yes, the current market level realities aren't fun from a long perspective and outside of a great entry/adding point from a long perspective are wholly dismissible in terms of the big picture.

    As for core operations?

    Management's own words…

    "We are establishing a corporate goal of bringing our fixed wireless business to a cash flow positive position in the first half of 2013."

    Two cash flow positive business models.

    And over time have come partnerships with all of BlisMobile, Boingo, 8coupons, Skype and the WSJ with the two lattermost potentially poised to prove up in ways that currently isn't the case. A matter of cash flow that in management's own words is "meaningful".

    And these partnerships didn’t arise in the absence of Towerstream's networks having undergone significant testing by network engineers. The same story as per the company's two current carrier partners. Being satisfied with Towerstream's offerings to the point that pricing agreements were signed.

    And as regards the carrier currently under trial…

    "We're -- what's really interesting is we're developing a pretty intense relationship with them. They're impressed with our team. They've been -- they're one of the unique carriers that's pretty forward about what they want, what they want for delivery dates, and when they'll jump on. So we're pretty excited about this third carrier, and they have very specific things that they want in the future. So that's pretty much all I can say."

    [ they're one of the unique carriers that's pretty forward about what they want, what they want for delivery dates, and when they'll jump on ]

    [ unique carriers that's pretty forward ]

    [ when they'll jump on ]

    Telling us a lot. Not only about the carrier in question but the rest also.

    And in light of the whole of the presented passage we need bear in mind that the current buildout in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and Miami is in line with the wants and needs of the two current carrier partners. Where congestion and QoS issues are at their worst. Towerstream proceeding on the basis of heat maps and input otherwise from partner network engineers and others. Precise as possible node, etc. locations with those locations locked up and exclusive…

    "We are pleased to report that we now have over 10,010 locations in urban environments. These include already built Wi-Fi nodes and small cell locations available for lease today. These locations have long-term leases and exclusivity."

    And, so, no other entity/entities can parallel locate.

    Colocation only via doing business with Towerstream.


    Market level isn't fun currently but will very soon reverse.

    And massively so once the cash flow goes live and ramps up.

    There will arrive that first PR announcing the first carrier actually live on Towerstream's networks in any, or all, of five markets. Potentially hundreds to thousands of nodes leased. Wi-Fi offload.

    Plus leasing for colocation of small cells.

    Backhaul service additionally.

    Then carrier partner number two.

    So on.

    Market level soaring in the process.

    Initially in line with the $7 and $8 price targets to date.

    And on from there.

    Buyout offers following.

    That which fits with the business model having proved up.

    That Towerstream's markets focus and locations within those markets is ideal.

    We can't say just when the mentioned PR will hit the wires but we do know that management is pushing hard to get that first cash flow underway. Even going so far as to have leveraged Hurricane Sandy in prompting action from partners.

    What we can say is that Towerstream is ready. The integration being no longer a roadblock. Passpoint ready additionally.

    All systems a go!

    Just a matter of prompting partners to act.

    Continuing to hold tight!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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