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  • garysevan garysevan Nov 14, 2012 11:56 PM Flag

    Current trading levels...


    Represent approximately 50% of the value of core operations alone.

    Approximately 15% of Towerstream's real estate value.

    Food for thought.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Gary, could you post how you are valuing the core? Thx

    • Hey Gary,

      Could be all wrong but this is the way I see it at this time. Twer launched the Wi-Fi network months before all of the public announcements concerning Hotspot 2.0/ Alliances / Cisco - Samsung trials carrier trials etc.that took place in summer and are going on now...This is new territory being explored! Twer had formed good (I assume) relationships with carriers and through those, saw a need, plus revenue potential, and made a decision, at some point,(?) to shifting away from broadband business model taking advantage of existing network and focus on Wi-Fi . They purchased Sparkplug and others hoping they would be useful in Wi-Fi offload strategy. So hear you have a co. with very weak cash flow, making changes. That's normally not easy to do. They signed carriers in spring and shorts jumped all over it.(2m to 7m) Revenue is what it's all about! They understood revenue flow was months away. There's more then one way to make $ on TWER. This was frustrating to most investors. We were lead to believe TWER x carriers = $8 or more. Smart money knew this Wi-Fi offload wasn't ready yet. On 5/17, TWER was downgraded, by some, because of deteriorating net income, weak cash-flow and poor historical performance, just the facts! Then Q2 call on 8/9 and Jeff announces 3rd carrier trial plus WSJ trial and strong build out, all looks good but the most important issue, the financial side, still no revenue projection plus bleeding cash. Leading up to Q3 is Sandy and election, the cliff, then a mucked up call (I think) and nervous investors rightfully so, running from anything high risk. So network is certified and ready, whats the hold up now. Jeff said the integration process includes software update on smartphones, said this was a tedious process and expected most phones out next year would support the standardized log in procedure Passpiont. So my concerns would be, is there any guaranteed money from carriers. Will revenue come soon enough. Can they stay on pace with build out. Will phones be updated in timely fashion. Will more costumers come on-board. Other then these small hangups, it's all green ahead....HaHaHa.....Jeff needs to respect us investors more, That's for sure, but they've built the network and business contacts. They provide a service that's desperately needed! I can sell, hold, or/and buy. I feel a little sick about it all but I'm buying...

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