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  • sethedelstein71 sethedelstein71 Nov 19, 2012 11:52 AM Flag


    so we are up today so far...despite a computer program downgrading the stock from hold to sell??

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    • kinda like trying to get blood from a turnup.

    • the downgrade is laughable. these computer generated downgrades do not take into account the development stage of companies. also it appears that the street uses these strategically to facilitate the work of shorts. given the recent unexlplained drop in price it appears that the street is working with a hedge fund to enable them to short and then accumulate at a lower price. twer is a solid bet at these prices. once the financial cliff gets behind us the market will move forward and so will twer.

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      • the financial cliff thing isn't going anywhere, so don't talk like that is going to happen. you are trying to minimize the elephant in the room and the room is the congressional floor. these politicians failed to do anything but exacerbate the problem. just like your budget and mine, if you spend more than you take in you have a deficit. in the real world it turns into default. our country is in default right now and the only thing that seperates us from greece is that we can print more money! does that sound like putting the financial cliff behind us? you are underestimaing this. some people smell smoke and leave the building. others have to wait until the flames are all around them to think something is wrong. look at the US debt chart and tell me how we put this "financial cliff" behind us without this country seeing very bad times. what is laughable is your underestimating the problem.

        i don't like being downgraded, but there was a whole list of reasons why. management is not doing the job. they tell us one thing over and over and it never materializes. the profit never reaches the owners,,,us. but management will have a merry christmas.

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