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  • jforuus jforuus May 19, 2013 11:35 PM Flag

    TWER loosing money no where near the black ...welcome to a HOBBY

    Team that has failed you and you keep voting them back.

    Philip Urso Chairman of the Board
    Jeffrey M. Thompson President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
    Joseph P. Hernon Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer, Principal Financial Officer
    William John Bush CPA Independent Director
    Howard L. Haronian M.D. Independent Director
    Paul Koehler Independent Director

    Are the playing the game as follows?

    a. driver pps down
    b. they load up on shares
    c. current shareholders get the shaft when, wink wink a hostile take over comes in
    d. the insiders make a killing at the expense of the share holders
    e. some BOD end up on the pay roll as Independent Directors..hahahhaha!! biggest #$%$ us make money and we will cut you out a regular check, deal? now lets go F the long time share holder.

    They call stealing your money, "the game"; you take it like good boys. Visit them during dinner and hand them a ski mask and asked to be pistol whipped to get the entire experience, ask their children to watch mommy and daddy work and tell them to feel free to post to FB.

    Then hide behind the forward looking statement clause when they send the lawyers in, welcome to the SHAFT.

    Phillip and Jeff nice job, will pray you get cancer soon.

    Please share such topics of conversation at the diner table.

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    • I must say that I am quite #$%$ off at Jeff and the Stooges but this is a bit extreme! I agree that Jeff needs to step down and there needs to be new management with a new direction. Could be that he and his group sit back and watch someone else take the company to where it can go, thus giving him a decent return on his "baby" and investment. Unless he has been shorting and buying through someone else, he and the Stooges are about in the same boat as all of us. We just need some new management that understands the industry and can take TWER to a new level...hopefully keeping it there and above!

    • I give them all my vote of confidence and recommend you see a head doctor you have several loose screws

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      • The Nokia CEO does not think small cell will ramp up overnight. "Will it be a sizable part of the revenue of the market in the next two or three years? I don't think [so]. It's more beyond 2015 or so," he said.
        "It's going to be there--later than most people expect, more hype than substance," said Suri

        This is why Thompson shifted back to Wi-Fi. They can't wait on small cell, that's to far down the road. AccuROAM, the Wi-Fi offload platform from Accuris Networks, has worked great over-seas. That along with Samsung etc.. shows this sector is heating up and close to becoming a reality in states. The short count increased almost 400k and sits at all time high. The price has held up surprisingly well. Zack raised TWER to #2 buy and Columbine Capital has it as outperform so the thinking must be they will get their tenant or a buy out later this year. Wonder what Hetnet would be worth?

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