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  • pbrownqmerge pbrownqmerge Jul 19, 2013 12:39 PM Flag


    Let me start by saying, that I am an investor, not a trader, so what I'm about to write, comes form a very smart hedge fund buddy of mine, who knows how to technically trade stocks. Apparently, the 20 day moving average is about to cross the 200 day moving average. His estimate was either late next week, or the beginning of the following week. In the last 3 years of TWER, this has happened on three different occasions: 2010,2011 and 2012. Each time the 20 day moving average has crossed through the 200 day moving average, TWER has run to north of $5. It is supposedly one of the most significant technical moves out there, but again, I don't know, and maybe someone else can shed some additional light on the subject. I will say that I would like to see that kind of price move.

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    • Looks like we had a little price correction today. We were SO overbought I figured it had to retreat soon, I thought it would drop to 2.70ish, but didnt expect it to happen today. I am over budget so I did not buy more today. Sure hope this downward direction wont be the trend.

    • It crossed today. 20 day MA is $2.88 and 200 day MA is $2.87. And TWER appears to be on the up! Just need some real volume...

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      • Big money is flowing in this sector, Ruckus Wireless gets the bull of the day from Zack. They said look for RKUS to make a lot of noise in 2H13. Same can be said about other. Carriers are spending , Sprint signed with Transit network today. I just think TWER will be one of the last to see the money flow. Heavy reading describes the technology needed as still in lab environment, not quite ready for real world application. $5 without any meaningful revenue, I just don't see it. Short interest at all time high 8.13m

    • Phil,
      I like you own a TON of TWER it is my largest holding representing my retirement and life savings. I feel that in time we will all have our day in the sunshine. I respect your knowledge of roof top assets and am very glad that you can find time to share them on our this board.

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    • Thx Phil for your recent posts, they are appreciated. I would have to add one caveat: although momentum may result in a so called "golden cross", any follow-through to +$5 would depend on Q2 results and the Aug 8 cc.

      With two national carriers and a cable company under contract but no meaningful revenue to report and no meaningful forecast of revenue, the upward price movement seen in the last month (giving rise to the 20 day MA) will quickly be reversed as short-selling will replace short-covering.

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      • Maybe , THE MARKET, in its infinite wisdom, knows something is brewing, so to speak. I did research the phrase you used 'Golden Cross', and to technical trader's, it is a big deal. One thing I will say is the individuals who would sign a contract with TWER, not only know TWER well, but I was left with the impression things may be right around the corner. That's a guess, but having worked with all of these guys for 16 years, it's a qualified guess.. Finally, I think we all are finally going to have our day in the sun very soon..


      • Good point, 20d up spring reflects anticipation.

    • I checked this for myself after reading this and your friend is right. It happened In Sept '10 and by Feb '11 the stock had tripled to $5+ a share. And again in Mar '12, the 20 day beat the 200 and the stock went from $2.5 to $5. Right now, the 20 day is at 2.74 and the 200 is at 2.89.

      It should cross very soon if TWER holds $3+.

      Thanks for the insight. This gives me more confidence in my positions.

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    • i saw mid 5's last time and didnt bail...wont make the same mistake this time if it happens

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