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  • dvdddv dvdddv Apr 24, 2004 5:06 AM Flag

    Schaffner getting Shoved ????

    Some-one say so , but after Cannes in June !!!
    Maybe the guy hasn't been performing to his expectations. That leaves Roger !!! ??????
    Very sad happenings in the EQT investment !!
    No sign of improvement- just one way...down hill !!

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    • TS/RS Going strong until June / Cannes that is???...and then Gunar L. will run out of patience on a number crunching exercise- 15% growth expectations per annum- the guy's nuts.
      EQT losing right down the line here and have already lost most of the top ( = effective) guys.

      Rubbish Remains with people having no clue the ship is slowly,slowly....slowly ...slowly slipping under.


    • At last telling he remains firmly in place.

    • C'mon you'll be telling me this was unexpected. Schaffner hads led a charmed existence all his perfumed life. He is the ultimate BSer...and good luck to him. You can bet he's laughing all the way to the Synogogue. And Schmid? He's lasted so long because no-one has a clue what he's saying. Mr Ideas is just that...but after a year or so they see the wonderful idea has no substance. They are both are as bad as each other. At least Schaffner knows he's full of crap. Schmid believes it..... EQT to bail soon....or go deeper and buy another - same result - they lose money.

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      • ..took longer than predicted, but he's gone with the wind.

        The place is falling apart at the seams despite some hard pressed efforts from the PR department.

        Any bets when EQT will put the company on the market?

        Any bets when the next executive takes a walk?

        ....must be difficult to attract the creative guys to a company that has no future?

      • Often wrong . . . but ALWAYS sure.

      • Well, I laughed so hard, the tears would fill a bucket!!

        The descriptions were absolutely perfect , this pair are really the original Tweedledum and Tweedledee. The double act this pair have , is the best comedy act on Broadway!!

        Mind you , why Marcel, the nose, is still hanging in there with Roger,I can't imagine, though the Givenchy win supports maybe his golden salary that for sure Roger would have dashed his nicotine stained hands with.

        The new CEO, Foreman, must be at a loss for words at the endless row of talent that is taking a walk. You don't replace effective experience in this industry that easily when the company does not offer a secure future.
        Witness the recent exit of Stebbins,Global President that definitely speaks volumes.

        Sad, very sad...but great news for the rest.

        Take a good look at the message from Damascone - direct and EQT better take some action or they are in deep brown matter !!
        Actually, in my opinion, it's too late.

    • Sounds like wishful thinking from some of the current inmates.

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      • Just a quick update.... last week part of my MAY35 calls got exercised. Go figure? Only a partial assignment. Usually full assignment happens at expiration.

        Maybe IFF is in a good position, particularly when some are "persona non grata" in the gray towers and some of the original favored rats
        are loose and the Jan fiasco. This will take 5 years to rebuild before we see any results, thanks to dvdddv's aforementioned leader.

        So.... maybe I erred, and will SELL NOV35 Puts for about 1.80 for a basis of 33.20 if assigned. Maybe there is a future for IFF sales not dependent on the Euro. I do not see any way to make anything on this, except using option plays.

        Let's hope dvdddv is wrong. We need incompetence in other companies to make IFF shine!

        In June, I may actually be in Cannes..... find me on the beach :),
        French one piece outfit.

        * Damascone *

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