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  • thrutheroof thrutheroof Jul 11, 2000 11:31 PM Flag

    OT: IFF was recommended as

    short term buy at
    Check out their performance page!

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    • Dallas real estate? Clinton/Gore? I was talking
      about stock and you bring in real estate and politics.
      You must have worked at IFF because this typoe of BS
      is just what I heard from senior management and the
      lifers at the Co. I've got better things to do, so
      please don't write back unless you have some valuable
      information (or at least something that makes sense). Good
      luck with IFF.

    • Here's some food for thought: IFF has managed to
      grow their business by exactly TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS
      over the last 5 years (95-99). Oh I can hear the
      whining about currency, etc., big whoop, boo hoo, not
      like that didn't impact everyone else too. That's some
      performance for 5 years of 'hard' work by those who present
      themselves as the biggest, best and brightest in the
      industry. BOA, their supposed takeover target, has not been
      spectacular, but at least they eeked out 17.4% growth and
      nearly $75 Million in incremental business over the same
      time frame that IFF was standing still. The infusion
      of BOA talent into the mix at IFF could be just what
      the doctor ordered. If my reading of the Stock
      Options sections of IFF's and BOA's reports are accurate,
      it seems that unless you were at IFF before 91, you
      have no options in the money and probably have a way
      to go before you get there. Ironically, if IFF gets
      BOA, there will be quite a few happier, wealthier BOA
      employees as a result, either in terms of their own options
      or their 401K balances (even at today's price of 42+
      BOA employees/shareholders have done well vs their
      IPO and option issues since 94). True, that some at
      BOA may end up as casualties, but at least they get
      something, unlike, perhaps, those IFF persons who, based on
      their historical performance, deserve to be displaced
      by their seemingly more industrious and capable BOA
      counterparts. Even more savory is the fact that, should IFF
      take BOA, those BOA survivors who get in on IFF's
      option program will gain significantly again, given IFF
      stock is at an 8 year low, and when they turn it
      around, will probably make more on their IFF options than
      the IFF personnel who've been there since 1991!!!
      Just delicious!

    • You are incredible! Investing in all those
      high-techs and financials. Yeah, those bank stocks are real
      cheap. Just look at those low P/Es, right. Yeah, banks
      are making such prudent investments too. Let's see,
      Dallas downtown has one of the lowest occupancy rates in
      the nation, but sure, we'll fund your three new
      high-rises. After all, it is a new economy that Clinton,
      Gore, Greeny and company have perpetuated, and demand
      will obviously follow. After all, there is no such
      thing as speculation when you have such a productive
      workforce and economy. I suppose you don't think there is
      any inflation either. Sure, just strip out rising
      fuel and rising food and rising labor and rising
      insurance premiums, and rising medical and everything else,
      and there is no inflation. If you heard it on TV (and
      from Clinton), it must be true!

      In one year, I
      bet I will make more money on IFF (even if it stays
      at $26) than you will make with your CSCO, C, AXP
      and GE. That's right, I believe IFF's dividend
      payments will outweigh your capital appreciation on your
      new economy portfolio over the next year. By the way,
      I also expect IFF to be a lot higher than $26 by
      next year. Keep living the fantasy Realist, and
      remember to always buy the dips!

    • perhaps you should listen to your friends who
      seem to pick stocks better than you. While you're
      reading books on how to invest and using your 15 years of
      investment experience, they will live a better lifestyle and
      grow their children's inheritance. By the way, my
      other stocks: Citigroup(bought as Travelers), American
      Express and GE (non-tech blue chips) have also done
      pretty well over the past two years. The same period IFF
      has lost value during one of the best market runs in
      history. This is a disaster disguised as a Company.

    • while you're reading books on how to invest and
      utilizing your 15 years as a financial analyst in selecting
      stocks, I'll keep padding my children's inheritance by
      understanding the inherent value of Companies. To do this
      (although I probably don't have to tell a savvy investor
      such as yourself) learn about the Company and its
      changing competitive market, not its current balance
      sheet. A balance sheet tells you old data. Stock price
      is the result of how investors believe the stock
      will move in the future, so why use info that reports
      what happened last quarter? Old school financial
      assessments are the primary reason why I don't use financial
      investors with the growth segment of my portfolio. (Hint:
      what is IFF's cash value add projections for next 1yr,
      2yr, 3yr; and what are they doing to raise value in
      the Company?). I don't see a lot of progress here!

      I still believe IFF has an opportunity to climb
      (see my prediction back in June of a fall to mid
      twenties and climb back to forties), but it will take
      successful restructuring, not PR to the outside on a
      successful restructure when its all BS! This Company needs a

    • The "effective" after tax cost of the dividend today is 5.78%~~I believe the company should borrow money and do a major stock buyback~~ At least 20% of the outstanding shares.

    • platitudes_with_attitudes platitudes_with_attitudes Jul 17, 2000 1:03 AM Flag

      Haven't seen you on the SAFC board recently. How did you do?

    • Somehow, I've learned to be particularly wary of
      those risks which are of "no concern," where
      probabilities are next to nil. -- that is, not factored into
      price. Not being above a little scheming myself, were I
      planning an IFF stock buyback, I'd think about cutting the
      dividend first, THEN doing the buyback -- that would
      really enhance shareholder value. In spades.

    • IFF shold borrow money and do a major stock
      buyback at these prices. The interest paid is a pre~tax
      charge and the dividend is paid after tax. This would
      enhance shareholder value~~ and earnings. I believe the
      probability that IFF will cut the dividend is next to nil!

    • Thank you, but I remain concerned.

      Value Line shows IFF cash declining from $100 to bare
      minimum $50 million over past 2 years. Cash generated is
      primarily from profit, depreciation adding only modestly.
      For 1999, per share profit of $1.79 + .55
      depreciation = $2.34 cash generated. Dividend of $1.52 and
      capital spending of $.97 = $2.49 cash utilized. I haven't
      gone into detailed analysis and don't know Board's
      past attitude toward dividend payout, but it would
      seem the new management might have investment plans
      and would see cash conservation for non-operating
      requirements a prudent priority. Of course the company has
      good borrowing capacity, but borrowing to maintain the
      dividend sounds ominous, particularly these days of
      minimum concern re common stock yield.

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