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  • rdiggerg rdiggerg Jan 5, 2009 12:46 PM Flag

    Back to twenties?

    mid-20's in early 2006 is correct before AKRX and the FDA and the OGD and whoever else tried to break all the rules and get possibly untested and bad drugs into hospitals. Thankfully, VPHM has been able to thwart this disgrace and has maintained their market dominance AND SAVED PATIENT'S LIVES! That's what health care is supposed to be all about. In the mean time they cobbled together a brilliant deal with Lev. Beyond that, in their spare time they have maribavir at the doorstep of approval. A $20 stock? How about a $40 stock. This company has beat revenue forcasts over and over again. They have been profitable quarter after quarter. Wall Street puts higher valuations on research biotech companies that loss millions every quarter than on a solid well run company. See how well Wall Street's valuation models played out the last two years?