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  • huber714 huber714 Dec 15, 2011 10:45 AM Flag

    if you are long

    buccolam-midazolam is the news not the vanco

    midazolam(versed) is widely used in all aspects of clinical care.

    the buccolam is a very limited application for child seizure.

    but they can and will expand applications and if and when get approval in usa and abroad useage and application are huge.

    this will eliminate the need for iv use for versed.

    dental proceedures


    cat scan

    etc etc can all be done with out iv.

    plus versed works in mins. and wears off in 20-30 mins.

    it will be perfect for dozens of applications where partial sedation is required.

    as a pharmacist i can tell you 3 years from now
    buccolam will exceed revenues of all current medications vphm has combined.

    if you are long long. you will see incredible volitility along the way, but this stock has no limits on the upside 3-5 years out.

    50-75-100 per share 3-5 years out, are not out of the possible.

    in fact no one can accuratly put a number on buccolam. its that big.

    look up versed on google its used in every aspect of clinical care 50,000 times a day.

    i have 5k shares since 10 and 12 bucks and i will not even look at selling a single share for next 3-5 years

    i have been busy buying distresed properties past couple years but i have been here for 5-10 years.

    good luck and enjoy the ride, just make sure you are not over exposed or on margin so the m&ms dont steal your shares.

    even if it drops to 18-20 long term its gonna
    be parabolic.

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