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  • kamoa_1 kamoa_1 Mar 1, 2013 9:27 PM Flag

    last night at the chineses restaurant my fortune cookie says ...

    I immediately thought of VaPHoooM!

    Yo! brudah woody, glad that you are enjoying life. what are you into lately?


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    • I believe that we now have your good news (see Mad Money Fri. 03/08/2013) 20 mins. into show.

    • Yo K, Not into much of anything market wise. Cash is king right now. I don't see much that is going to make me change. Do have some bond funds creating cash flow. Yes the market is up this year, I still am not seeing the volumes I like. Remember when our girl was trading 1-1.2 and up MM shares a day. Now what do you have 300k-600k. Earnings on the girl are terrible. What do you make of it? Let me know.
      Keep eating that poy......three finger


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      • Wassup Woody! man dude glad to see you having a blast! Right on bro!...

        Our girl is just sitting pretty right now... No need to force things... just let things simmer I say...
        5 second crash course:
        Cinryze- increasing patients, sales, manufacturing facility to double, Canada, EU and ROW coming onboard, subQ doing good- lower taxes due to domicile factor, DGF and AMR studies chugging along, PNH, NMO to follow...
        Plenadren- $300 mill EU peak sales, ROW-undetermined, US market pathway shaping up...
        Buccolam... gaining traction $50 mill EU peak sales (I say more- they were just given a wider range of patients by EU regulators than when they figured the peak sales), ROW to be considered- team up with another pharma not a bad idea?
        Maribavir.... surprise, surprise, surprise!... of all things, watch this closely bro!
        VP20621... , studies show that fecal transplant works excellent... yikes!... but why eat sh.. when you can get VaPHoooM's ! non toxinogenic c-diff? .. no more recurrent c-diff...
        VP20629... Friedreich's ataxia drug... Alzheimers a possibility and already tested by selling pharma...
        Oral Budesonide... EoE- phase ii, VaPHoooM set it up so that it will own Meritage Pharma if trial is successful... market enormous..
        recombinant Cinryze... doing good, will kick in, in time to supply the wave of demand that gets generated.. AMI acute myocardial infarction... will dry up da supply if it is proven that Cinryze will mitigate the effects of heart attack on patients... humongous stuff here...
        VaPHoooM's management use of cash is just fine... so what should it be a $25 dollar stock now or a $14 dollar stock + $3 special dividends?
        they've bought several drugs already and plenty clinical trials that they can shake a stick at, let them chew on these... while looking at the next delicious prey... I say..


    • Yo! K you miss the old man? Still have the condo and loving it. Thanks to VPHM. I like living on a golf course and hacking away at the game. My youngest is now married and expecting my first grandson. Can't wait to spoil him. Due in June.
      Been hiking the local state parks, and biking when I can. The weather in northeast Pa is not the best. Lived down by Philly when we first chatted.
      Like the NY and New England parks system, and of course the wine country of the New York finger lakes.
      Been to Hawaii and walked Diamond head and spent time at a condo in I believe it was Kahie?? Really nice place 30 plus years ago.
      Love Myrtle Beach South Carolina, might just call it quits and go there. Don't know have a lot of family in Pa.
      Back at work, mostly to keep busy. and spoil the next generation. College is a big expense and I would like to help out my son. Not that he needs the money Dad would just like to be there.
      Well let me know your thoughts on the girl.
      You know me not a big fan of down volume and little earnings. I think our girl should have bought another rather than buy back shares. Just my opinion.
      Well you take care, say hello to Oin and I will check this site for you guys. Haven't followed our girl for awhile so give me a 5 second crash course.

      Take care guys,

      Your Bruda Woody