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  • kamoa_1 kamoa_1 Jun 17, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    what price?

    with projected revenues from their current marketed drugs in their present form and market geographies (cinryze, vancocin, buccolam, plenadren) of over 1 Billion$.
    PLUS their future and targeted indications (cinryze- refractory pnh, amr, dgf, nmoptica, etc. etc....
    PLUS plenadren- USA....
    PLUS near term maribavir breakthrough that has the potential to catapult this company to ALXN kind market cap ( I ain't joking on this one)...
    PLUS their recurrent cdi probiotic drug VP20621...
    PLUS their Freidreich Ataxia drug...
    PLUS their optional Meritage acquisition and their oral budesonide drug
    PLUS CASH up the ying-yang...
    how high will VaPHoooM! go for?...
    the management would be crazy to let the company go for just $5 Billion ....

    to da moon!! dudes... To DA MOOON!!!


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    • wassup olde_growth!

      with bettah safety profile and superior to the current therapies maribavir will eat the competition's lunch. it will be a blokbuster..... So Vinnie should say this to Sanofi... go 10 Bill$ or go home!
      As lead scientist I think they should have fired Colin Broom a long time ago... he has bungled the drug's development and is zero in bringing anything to market...

    • I can't believe Maribavir is rated a Billion dollar drug. Cinryze Subcutaneous and Maribavir should be $ 2 Billion a year alone.

      The trouble with VPHM is that they have real problems developing anything in house. They excel at finding niche companies and buying them. They also are good at manufacturing and distribution. It might be wise for them to sell the company, at the right price of course, and let someone with a better track record develop their in house drugs. Just my $0.02 worth.

    • Vinnie, please go 10 Bill$... or no deal!...

    • Well said kamoa , VaPHoooM has lots of Buns in the oven and is cooking on all burners .
      With $4.00 per share in cash, several drugs already producing $$$ and that many things well along the pipeline , earnings could easily go up 4 x in the near future and a big player should be willing to pay up to 12 -x future earnings.
      Like Vinnie has been saying at the CC's , at these share prices we will continue the buy backs as the share price is way undervalued by the street. Looks like this might be the wake up call.

      To Da Moon

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