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  • oinchats oinchats Jul 18, 2013 12:35 PM Flag

    The big question

    Kamoa , I and a few others have been here for many years. We saw us reach the $24 around 2006. Then one day bad news and within a day or two we were at $13. Then we drifted to I think the $7's. We crawled are way back to the $18's and then in March 2009 we hit a low of $3.99. Over 4 years later here we are. Giddy left late last year when we hit this price range with profits closer to 7 figures then to 6 figures.

    So the question of the day is what is your exit and/or lower your exposure $$ number? Go ahead and explain your thinking. I think we would all like to know.

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    • Just randomly checking in on VPHM and found this thread. Good to see some of the old timers are still around. Glad to see Giddy made out with a big profit. He deserved it after all the unwarranted abuse he dealt with on this board.

      Even though I haven't held any Viro shares for quite a while now I've sort of followed the price action in case I ever decided to get back in. Left right before Cinryze came along and didn't follow closely enough to ever find an entry point. Too bad I didn't as it has done very well since that purchase.

      Anyways, just wanted to say "howdy" on the off chance that anybody might remember my handle off of this board or the private board. Best of luck to all!

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      • Haven't been here regularly in a long time. I used to hold options on about 50K shares, then dropped them as part of a major cleaning up --- I was holding 45 or 55 different issues and maybe somebody can keep up with that many but I couldn't. Then.... well I missed the big big run up a couple of years ago and just in the last few months have been coming back around. yeah, of course, I bought a few hundred shares and options on about 10K more just in time to lose my buttocks. I hate getting left out of a decline. grrrrr..... So, is there a bottom to this? What is the REVENUE picture for 2014 anybody? Yes, I know I should do my own Homework, but I had a little accident and got brain damage from it. I wasn't that smart to begin with except for IQ scores when I was a kid. Not when you judge what counts... actual decisions made in life. At any rate, before the head trauma I had a BS in math and wrote computer code in C and Unix. Can't even F*** anymore, really. Anybody got a spare bullet and/or what's the revenue outlook for next year whatever number that is.???? eh???

      • Good to hear from you. If I recall you are an anesthesiologist.

    • anyone could share the reason for the recent price jump? is the takeover the only reason? thanks. (long time long).

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • ronaldo60_roothogordie ronaldo60_roothogordie Jul 24, 2013 10:38 AM Flag

        Its funny but VPHM is the only one of my stocks that when it goes up i think there must be a special reason, aside from the market moving up, i think this is a sign of how long i have held and how battered i feel)) Supply and demand is i think the most likely reason for the uptick, someone/s building a position in an up market. My guess and $2 might get you a cup of coffee. Nothing on the wires so other than that??

    • I have been on board since the spring of 2000 when I bought my first shares at $100. That was shortly (within days) of failure #1 of trials for the cold cure. I continued to by a few shares until my cost was around $75 when it took the big downturn in 2003 and fell below $2 per share. I loaded the boat on the way back up and sat on the shares through the $24 you mentioned. Finally in 2011/2012 I started selling off shares and sold many too cheap but others above $30. Now I only own a fraction of my high number but sleep better at night. AND my VPHM shares allowed me to balance my portfolio to the point that the recent run up in stock prices has put me in about the same shape I was in 2000 when I converted my 401k into an IRA and started managing it myself. I've been off the board for some time now but do recall Kamoa & you. jjam/VPHM believer.

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      • Oinchats - The identity I used most was "VPHMBELIEVER" (maybe not in caps) and I recall IRC203, diehard, liquidplumber and a number of others. I was on the private board and recall noinchips or somethin like that. He was a Berliner and a moderator of the board. Lots of good conversations back then with some bashers but mostly just good food for thoughts. Oh, yeah; a woman who used the name "munch'n me' or some similar name. IRC203 had hepC didn't he?

      • Thanks for the input. I have sold shares over the years but none close to the $30 range. I had some calls that were taken at $25 last summer. Was JJam21stc your identity back then? I remember Laserman and IRC who both got out when we tanked after HCV796 was a bust.

    • So brother oin! Tell us your exit and your reason for it?


    • for me... the exit point is when we reach DA MOOON!!!....
      after all, that is where we are heading!!...
      I'll stake out an area as big as texas...
      raise me some moon cows and eat steak the rest of my life...
      VaPHoooM! to da MOOON!!!