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  • drjohncar drjohncar Sep 19, 2006 8:30 AM Flag

    Ragheads want pope executed

    Islam, the faith of tolerance, wants the Pope dead...not all moslems...wink*wink*....just the 90% Islamofascists. They kill a nun in Somalia by shooting her in the back 4 times as she prayed. Thet set fire to churches throughout the middle east and Asia. The head Towelhead Mullah calls for the Pope's execution. Meanwhile, we don't fire on mosques even when they hold terorists or munitions and no one in politics seems particularly upset that they now want all Christians killed. I just guess this is once again all Bush's most of the lib morons will swear to on a stack of...korans.

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    • Another alternative is for you to keep posting topics that no one cares to reply to. Otherwise why not just make a contribution or keep wise cracking and insulting a simple dialoque not meant to do anything but share thoughts and pass the time.

    • Bravo, Mr. Recyling Manager. Thank you for being you. Most of us don't say anything, but I believe in calling a spade a spade, and want to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate your insights and everything you do for this message board as our Board Monitor. We are fortunate to have you here.

      Now, having said that (and I stand by what I said), I want to reminisce in Suez's defense that she is another woman seeking approval in a man's world. You should understand her frustration and cut her some slack but continue to stand by your guns. And I'm not asking the impossible because many are called but few are chosen.

      Have a nice weekend, Recycler.

    • That's funny DeNoser.

      The market pretty much peaked today and headed down for a correction in my opinion.

      The HP scandal is growing, the CEO will be implicated in the wrongdoing and another corporate scandal will depress the market. Interestingly, Carly started this leak probe during her tenure.

      I am done buying drug stocks. The ones to own are Toyota Motors (below $100) and Honda below $30. Big Auto is capitulating to the Japs who make better cars.

      Nothing good is going to happen with BMY but I will keep remaining shares because paying any more tax would make me puke.

    • Winton (aka stockroomdud),

      I will be by at Fairmount Avenue in Chatham, NJ so that you can help me. And just who is that "little" slime bag that keeps coming out of your house, he cannot be more than 5' 2" and he looks to go 280#. Come on Winton, the readers of this message board want to know. And who is that ugly woman that keeps yelling STUBBY after you?
      Give my reguards to suze, is she a half a ton yet? Is it true you just have her roll around in flour so you know where to go for lunch?


      P.S. Agree with you, BMY is going down again.

    • Excellent!

    • Dr J:

      Never left but have been posting as Speedy since DAnus got SRG banned by Yahoo.


    • SRG!!!!!! Good to have you back! Some women are built for comfort and some for speed and you will find the one that fits your every need!
      Welcome back!

    • Hey recycle:

      That was good how you asked Suze if she wanted a spanking (verbal). She comes on here for the first time and lectures us. What nerve. Remind me of Suziesecretary.

      Did you see The biggest Loser last night on ABC? This is a group of people, like DAnus, who have a significant amount of weight to lose. They weigh in from 260 to 400. I like to watch it because I find it motivational to lose 5 pounds (I am 180 and 6'1") and for the fat chicks. Those who read my posts will recall that I don't mind a few extra pounds on a woman because, when you tell them, "I don't consider you to be fat", miracles happen and you never seen such gratitude. These chicks are way too fat, of course, but they slim down during the show. Unfortunately, last night, the best looking one was eliminated.

      I hope DAnus will watch next week so we can discuss it. Its a great show for motivation to lose a lot or a little weight.

      I ask DeNoser when was the last time you weighted under 225? Was it at Western Illinois or earlier?

      Get with this program DeNase and I will help you achieve your goal of losing weight and being healthy. This is a sincere offer.

    • Herr Recycle: Why do you think that your arrogant attempts to stifle the freedom of expression are funny? Lenbensunwertes leben.

    • You are so right, Dr. J. We have to stop appeasing the rags.

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