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  • jamescc48 jamescc48 Oct 9, 2007 5:57 PM Flag

    Retiree Healthcare costs

    Just got my healthcare options letter this afternoon.
    Retiree healthcare costs for a single man, 30 years DuPont/BMS service, age 60, non-smoker,
    just went from $46 per month in 2007 to $381.80 per month in 2008

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    • What kind of a country do you come from ?

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    • Just one more thing to budget for when you retire.

      After all the new cars, nice homes, multiple kids, recreation, etc., it must be terrible to realize that you did'nt save enough for yourself in retirement.

    • 39 years you sucked on the company tit and you have the nerve to complain? You had the gravy train and you probably did very little work in your 39 years.

      Suck it up. Its not BMY that's at fault, its the whole medical/legal environment caused by the trial lawyers. Go complain to them.

    • I worked at Bristol for 39 years & my pension has been reduced by $3600.00 in 06.By $9600.00 in 07. By ? in 08. Because of increases in the retiree medical plan,By my calculations if increases continue at the rate they are going in 2011 I will have to pay Bristol for medical out of other funds. Pretty soon Bristol will make profit on retirees. To suppliment my monies I will try do comercials if I can,Perhaps for a politician, Maybe Hillary saying if as a retiree of a major pharmacutical Co.I can't pay for medical imagine the retirees in rest of the country. By the way employees eventually become retirees!!! alas this is just an old employee-retiree day dreaming but it sure feels good to do that while the Co. I worked for does what it does. Fred, Lawrence & Richard must be spinning at what there place has become.

    • Metalbrain,
      There is no accounting for stupidity!!! We execs have our own plan!!!

      Your pal,
      The SAW

    • I had ZERO health insurance for TEN years rode dirt bikes,
      Climbed Andes, Amazon rainforest, Patagonia, Nile river.
      Like Regan said "Deal with it"
      I live like a native american 1000 years ago.

    • I'm flattered but Corny already has plenty of BOD members with my skill set.

      But I do have a suggestion about retiree benefits.
      Do like the auto industry and outsource the whole deal. Draw down the pension fund to the min. and then give it to a financial inst. to manage and take responsibility. Same for medical. Give it to one of the cheap insurers who won't pay any claims for the first year. Then tell new employees they are owed nothing until 20 years service. Like this company will last that long.

    • Dude,
      You are the best!!! Make them grovel...the ingrates, they're lucky we are giving them a regular paycheck!! Forget the low-lifes in HR, Corny needs to get you on the BOD pronto!!!

      Your pal,
      The SAW

    • Got mine,went from $279 per month for NetworkPlus for me and spouse to $723 mo($8,678yr)-ANY BODY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED?KNOW WHAT CAN BE DONE?

    • JimmyBoy,
      Welcome to WorkRight, aka the Bristol Screw, aka CornySizing!!! We'll give the shaft to everybody and anybody!!!

      Dog food is on sale at Walmart this week!!! Stock up!!!

      Your old pal,
      The SAW

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