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  • wareham2620 wareham2620 Mar 12, 2009 3:55 PM Flag

    Obama =Change

    Obama =Change....Obama changed his mind on most things.

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    • The most significant change Obama represents is that he is taking a long term, one could say visionary, approach to addressing the problems of the country. And he is willing to suffer the political consequences of short term turmoil for the benefits of systemic change to failed policies.

      We are going to have a better, more efficient, more affordable healthcare system, a cleaner energy supply that is more domestically based, economic growth that is sustainable....not founded on debt, a more transparent....more accessible government, a diplomacy based foreign policy. All these things will bear fruit over time. He is already busy removing the stain of the last eight years. And that my friends is no small task.

    • As far as I can remember Obama has changed his mind in minor ways just a couple of times:

      1) Closing Gitmo in a year is a longer timeframe than originally.

      2) Getting out of Iraq in 19 months instead of 16.

      3) It's not always wise to hold up legislation because of earmarks that are 1% of the spending. But then, he never said he would.

      He SHOULD change his mind about "bipartisanship". This needs to work both ways, but the Republicans are trying to sabotage the country in order to make Obama look bad.

      So far, it hasn't worked and only the Repugnantcans look bad because of their antics.

      Time to scrap bi-partisanship and delete all the Republican earmarks and pork. Also lock them out of meetings. Do as the Republicans did when they were the majority.

      And if anything looks like it might get filibustered, immediately threaten the "nuclear option".

    • Change in your pocket is all you will have left.

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