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  • midwestkid06 midwestkid06 Jun 16, 2009 7:14 PM Flag

    I Want Another Option

    If you like Blue Cross, your current insurance provider, your local doctor. Keep them, these lies about Obama taking over healthcare are ridiculous.

    Millions of us do not have health insurance, we need more competition and another choice. We are ranked 37th in the world with healthcare even though we spend the most per person. At least we could be ahead of Morocco. The American Medical Association is not your friendly doctor, they are lobbyist for the corporations. I want Bristol Myers to be competitive and lower their prices so more people can be treated for their drugs (Plavix, Ability). At this moment another person is being treated at the hospital (uninsured). We are already paying for it, so lets just make it mandate.

    My opinion on Bristol Myers is Strong Buy, that is what this message board is about. More fear from the right, Strong Sell

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    • Correction, sorry, I meant to say NGVs, natural gas vehicles, for fleets, can help clean city air and help our auto companies meet CAFE standards.

      Those have cleaned city air in many places and the taxi fares I have seen did not rise for it.

      We have plenty of NG at home, and, as the waste methane recovery tech improves, we can generate more from places like waste flareoffs, landfills, sewage plants and other areas. Right now the latter may be best running generators rather than NGVs, but that still frees up NG from other sources for the NGVs.

      The EPA has concluded that ethanol does not reduce smog from the tailpipe, but may increase it in areas. I believe they meant the cities, which is why they promoted ethanol in the country but it still doesn´t make much sense to me.

    • Good point, I tried to say that I am yet to decide myself and I pointed out that it was under Bush, and said if, if, Obama continues these policies.

      And the simple answer as to Bush is in my view yes, his administration had allowed some policies that were rascist in my opinion, intentially or unintentially, though that is different than the man being rascist.

      I tend to overstate my views sometimes and I don´t really believe that President Obama is the type, but things like that are so ingrained that may not matter, it just may be seen as too much to deal with, though I happen to think it very important. I don´t think Bush was really like that either, it is just that no one makes an issue of it and it gets ignored.

      I still trust Obama on many issues and have yet to decide myself on my own view, as you say, you have to give him time.

      But hey, I don´t want to be forced to subsidize ethanol when it hurts engines, does not improve the air and costs me a ton of money increasing food costs. Investors in it got wiped out despite the mandates and subsidies.

      Ten percent to replace a toxic gasoline additive that needed replacing, that made sense, if they said five percent on top of that for a backup reserve I could understand, but they talk like 40% which is way too costly. HGVs for fleet vehicles can clean the city air and help our auto companies meet CAFE economically, ethanol cannot.

      What monsanto does in foreign countries peddling its gm seeds and pesticides to small farmers is horrible okay, it wrecks them, they got one or two acres maybe, they end up yielding far less, their costs go through the roof and they soon leave the farm that their father gave them, their family made hungry and destitute. And yes, Bush, by promoting it, promoted a policy I see as rascist, or at least mindless.

      The American Indians being treated like that, sorry, I just see no excuse. A guy comes in with serious lung problems and they give him cough syrup then say go away, and who knows if there are the Indian agent types still around charging the government a lot for it and pocketing the difference, sounds like that to me.

      American reservations have had these problems for decades because America has not honored its obligation under Treaty to provide health care. Until it does I call that rascism because their rates of death from preventable causes are astronomical. Until it does I will say that every gosh darn president that does not fix it and honor those treaties is responsible for it too.

    • That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. American Indian reservations had these problems loooong before Obama was in office. Is Bush a racist because HE "ignored" them?

      Or is it that Obama should be expected to fix every single problem in his first six months in office?

    • Excellent rant about gumby pokeys and other Obama followers.

      Keep up the good work.

      Obama is a racist and he is only interested in helping his people.

      The rest of us can go pound sand.

    • I think buying health insurance in Morocco and finding a good general physician there is obviously the best choice for you. North Africa has been long admired for its medical facilities and high health standards. I understand that Harvard Medical School is seeking an off-campus location but is also searching in nearby Algeria, Libya, Sudan and Chad. Good Luck and good health overseas.

    • Booo. Eat your fruits and veggies, peel them right good with some extra taken off to rid them of the pesticides, and that all will take care of a lot of your problems.

      Oh yeah, all that roundup sprayed on monsanto gm soy fields, that ain´t too good for you, but maybe monsanto will figure out some like cancer medicine it can tell you.

      You see, they mix that roundup with things like ethylened, and maybe three or more herbicides to deal with roundup resistent weeds, all of which is like a toxic soup in the air, and, after a flood unleashes it from the soil, in the water.

      But hey, you don´t care, your Obama gave a monsanto guy another revolving door, he must know more about it.

      Tell me whiz kid, does he know anything about the chemicals that monsanto even puts into that roundup.

      Of course not, fool, monsanto calls it trade secret and does not disclose it.

      Sooooo smaahhhhht you folks is.

      Go watch the World According to Monsanto, Controlling Our Food. Watch the part at the end with that holdout farmer from Paraquay who has to watch his fields get wafts of roundup poisons, the guy with the sick kid who had to watch his flock of sixty duck and geese die when the monsanto land plumes of roundup got released in a flood.

      And know this pal. That is what your Obama and his promotes, just like George Bush promoted it. And on the wall in that video is written soy hambre y muerte, which means, pal, soy equals hunger and death.

      Because monsanto soy and its pesticides that the gm soy is specifically designed to withstand, have meant hunger and death for thousands in that country. In other places too.

      Maybe you should get another hobby pal. I talk reality.

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