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  • iitriumvirate iitriumvirate Jul 22, 2011 9:47 AM Flag

    Gang of 6 Tax Proposal

    Top 2% get a tax cut? The Bush tax rates were for all taxpayers. You must not work and therefore do not pay any federal tax. I suppose it was the rich that made you poor? Or could it be your sense of entitlement without a corresponding work ethic? I say the latter

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    • WRONG.

      I support tax increases on the top 2%, b/c it would go from a HISTORICALLY low 35%, back to a STILL HISTORICALLY low 39%. Also, the burdon of debt relief shouldnt fall on the middle and lower class alone....share the pain. Why should the rich get off scott free, for a crisis they caused?

      The tax rate for the top 2% was above 70% from the 1930s, through 1980....including 2 of the biggest economic booms in US history. And.....there are more tax loopholes today for the top 2%, so the effective tax rate difference between then and now is even larger.

      I work hard and have since I was 12.

      Waiting patiently for your response.

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