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  • pedolan pedolan Jan 19, 2012 10:56 AM Flag

    Dropping like a rock with high volume


    There must be some thing in the wind

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    • Biogenetics is synonymous for genetic engineering.Stop behaving like a" buco del cul".All IMHO.

    • Dude,
      Biogenetic medications?!!! Did you make this up?!!!


    • toon .. if Plavix had another 5 years to run before expiry ,
      then BMY would be around $50 ...

      the revenue declines from Plavix and others going off patent
      soon have been priced into the shares for a few years now ,
      same for the other big pharma's ..

      for any of the big pharma's ,with strong balance sheets ,
      these times dictate MACRO analysis .. forget the short term
      and micro stuff ....

      the entire industry is going through a paradigm

      if you would like an analogy , look at automobiles ..
      pretty much the same about 120 yrs ago ... as big and
      important as autos were , it was quite a while before
      they totally replace horses and trains ...

      BMY and others are transistioning into biogenetic medications, which is still an embryonic field , as it
      grows , so too will some of the companies who have made
      the right decisions ..

      if you feel that BMY has made a good decision and is executing well on that decision , then hold and add , then
      check your balance in 5 yrs / 10 yrs .. you should be
      very pleased ...


    • how high is that volume , anyway ..

      Yahoo makes it look pretty much in line with avg daily vol ...

      probably just a bit of selling on the "news" ...

      as if BMY's fortunes are hanging on the diabetes med .. lol

      far too many people on this board seem to approach BMY
      as a trading stock ..... result of the WS hype and the
      likes of CNBC and Cramer .. making a sporting event out
      of equity trading/investing ....

      WS and the media seem to have taken a page from the
      sports guys .. treating portfolios like rotisserie league
      rosters and news a la THE FAN !!!!!!! ... LOL .. garce

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