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  • sam_and_dave_sung sam_and_dave_sung Dec 16, 2012 8:42 AM Flag

    Open letter to America's former Democratic Party. Your replacements, The Socialists

    will not be able to cover their deficit spending by raising tax rates on the Top 2% of
    America's earners. They won't make a dent in the national debt either!
    Raising taxes will Not stimulate new hiring by America's businesses.
    "America doesn't need more taxes. America needs more tax payers."

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    • With one American (or illegal) for every working person, it is not hard to see that a tax rate of 50% on workers is required to redistribute wealth.

      That is where Obama is headed.

    • No matter which alias you use or how many times you call Dems socialists (we all know why you keep doing it) it doesn't change two essential facts. 1.) You can not give a single credible reason for applying the term to Dems, 2.) and that makes you a nitwit.

      On the whole your party is starting to understand it will not survive unless it rejects the nitwit politics of the extremists. Joe Scarborough identified a major problem last week when he called out people like Rush and Man Coulter for being more interested in promoting themselves for profit than promoting reasonable policies that can advance the interests of the GOP. Faux is guilty of the same thing, creating a sound chamber for its listeners that does not reflect the reality of where the country is on a number if issues. The country is maturing, as it does it is becoming more tolerant on matters like gay marriage, immigration, gun control, women's rights, all the wedge issues guys like Karl Rove have used to get voters to vote against their best interests. The political earth is shifting under your feet. Adapt or die, it's your choice.

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