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  • nanospeak nanospeak Jan 11, 2013 12:01 AM Flag

    What was the purpose?

    Wars fought, millions died to protect this country from the type of beauracracy and apparatchiks that we have now firmly installed in our country. Lawyers, doctors and other so called exalted ones are accepted as people to run our lives. A Vietnam Vet knows what about 4 straight years of continual service? The new guy to replace Hillary described current Vets as the poor unlucky ones (idiots). Who are the real idiots?

    The beaucracy is the beast. The exalted ones the head of the beast. Wars on poverty, wars on drugs, wars on hunger, wars on discrimination, wars on this and that. A bloated corrupt political mess sucking every resource we have into itself for its own benefit. Inflated, credit crazy, bubble blown, sh-t eatin' generations not realizing what is going down. Thinking that somebody is taking all the good stuff when a round of golf in Cabo goes for $300.

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