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  • toast22342000 toast22342000 Feb 12, 2013 7:34 PM Flag

    do any of you have a sack at all?

    I'm ready to debate any of your false beliefs. Namely that.......

    Voter fraud is a problem.

    They are coming for the guns.

    Free stuff is ruining the country.

    Obama is a socialist.

    Obama is responsible for high unemployment.

    There are death panels.

    There are long waits in countries with socialized medicine.

    Low taxes has lead to stronger economy.

    The 47% are the takers.

    Frank and Dodd caused the financial meltdown.

    There is no global warming.

    There was a cover-up of Benghazi.

    Bush told the truth about WMD's.

    Teaching sexual abstinence to kids works.

    Charter schools are better than public schools.

    Waterboarding lead to actionable intelligence.

    Legislative obstruction has not been a problem.

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