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  • fredin212 fredin212 Feb 13, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    MilqueToast you need to be sitting down when you hear this...

    Nobody Cares What You Think!!!!!

    There, that should answer most of the whining that you relentlessly post here. But I do enjoy some of your misery, like the one about your teacher wife earning $59K, undoubtedly twice what you ever earned. So she could have earned twice in the private sector? Doing what? Now you can't say that she could have gone into a different field, you need to enlighten us about the great demands in the private sector for those with teaching degrees. Yep, I see them leaving the classrooms in droves, everyday, flying on corporate jets within weeks, such is their value.

    No wonder it's so easy.

    Oh by the way, with my generous donation of highly appreciated stock, the animal shelter is thinking of getting silk nightshirts for the dogs. It's not like we don't like the cats, but they are funny about that stuff.

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    • I give credit to some teachers. And I think it is good profession.
      But Unions and tenure have killed their reputation as a group. The 10% great ones should have their pay doubled! The next 20% should be secure but at that pay scale. The next 20% should be given 1 years to prove them self. The rest should be fired!

    • "Nobody Cares What You Think!!!!!"

      Really, is that it? You can't refute a single thing I say so you came up with that!

      Your surrender is accepted.

    • It is truly wonderful that we have so many people like nitwit's wife who choose to sacrifice for the common good; devote their lives to help society progress even at such a loss in personal income and self actualization.

      Just think of all the wonderful public servants, governement employees fed-state-local, shoulders at the wheel, turning the grindstone of public progress for nothing more than a pittance wage, health benefits and guaranteed retirement packages with pensions. Shall we mention relative job security?

    • Rock on fredin!
      dr john will be proud of you!

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