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  • speedydekker speedydekker Feb 14, 2013 7:37 AM Flag

    Min Wage Encourages Illegals

    Raising the min wage just encourages hiring of illegals and more illegal immigration. And it hurts His Own People so what is he thinking?

    Obama appears to favor illegals over His Own People because the black vote is guaranteed based on race alone.

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    • giving these illegals papers is a boom to small contractors who use day laborers. they can't get in trouble, pay cash, and still don't report the earnings. a loose - loose for the economy, as neither the worker or contractor pays taxes, the contractor can't get fined for using illegal and the illegal now gets assistance and food stamps.
      what a great idea from obama.

    • Obamas failure over the last 4 years was pivotal for the DEMs.
      Under normal circumstances, we would never see a DEM for 20 years. But, he created a sizable voting block of a "Govt assistance society" that enjoys the freedom to sit home with pay, housing food and HC. All Free. And now Illegals !
      It does not matter whether we can afford it or not, they enjoy it!

      It is just a crime he was not stopped. March 1st is the pivotal point for Reps. If the force his spending to end, Obama will have 3 years to suffer the consequences of telling these people it is over.

      Yes, there will be riots in the street, but they are coming sooner or later. Let Obama deal with what he created.

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