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  • anothernewmultialias_forwedcman anothernewmultialias_forwedcman Feb 24, 2013 7:01 PM Flag

    Dr Ben Carson is a certified scientist.

    Barrack Obama is a certified neighborhood organizer.

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    • What an idiotic statement. But.....thats to be expected from the multi-alias teabagging douchebaggery.

      Religion and science are 2 COMPLETELY separate realms. Even if there are religious scientists, anyone that calls themselves a creationist, has immediately given up claim to the title of scientist, b/c they are not abiding by the fundamentals of science.....i.e., using data, evidence, observation and reasoning to support theories, laws and even ideas.

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      • Are Religion and Politics 2 COMPLETELY separate realms? Last time I looked, OhBysmal
        is a politician with Zero scientific credentials. Yet he bragged about attending Rev Wright's
        church for 20 years.

      • Mullet's mean-spirited, bigoted, angry, and filthy response clearly demonstrates the
        mindsets of liberal socialists who would vote for a neighborhood activist for president.
        The crippling diseases spread by MulletonToast are conceit, and blind bigotry,
        MulletonToast further proves that when faced with the truth, liberal socialists turn to
        profane assaults. Typical 7th grade approach to debate. Again we see the liberal
        socialists ARE ANGRY. Why can't MulletonToast admit Dr Carson is a scientist and
        OhBummer isn't?

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