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  • seasons_beatings06 seasons_beatings06 Feb 25, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    stooooopid party Is All Over The Map On Sequester


    The stooooopid party' sequestration message "is all over the place." stooooopid party leaders believe the sequester will be awful but they want to let it happen. The policy was integral to the stooooopid party fiscal plan and it's entirely the White House's idea. When the stooooopid party says the cuts will hurt, that's fine; when Democrats say the cuts will hurt, it's evidence of scare tactics.

    And now the stooooopid party is simultaneously convinced the cuts will hurt and help the economy.

    Rep. Rep. Tom Price (stooooopid-Ga.), a likely U.S. Senate candidate, argued over the weekend that sequestration cuts "must" happen in order to "get this economy rolling again."

    As a matter of economic policy, Price's argument is practically gibberish. Taking billions out of the economy and forcing public sector workers from their jobs does not get an economy "rolling," unless we're talking about "rolling" downhill. Independent economic estimates, including that of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, suggest these cuts will likely cost the U.S. economy 750,000 jobs just this year, which leads to legitimate questions about whether Price, a member of the House Budget Committee and House Ways and Means Committee, has the foggiest idea what he's talking about.

    Fuggin traitorous scrotes.



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    • That is the 1st step in stopping Obama from handing out free cash to his people, cut it all off. Then maybe we can talk welfare reform.
      This most recent initiative to force business to hire more blacks specifically with arrest records is beyond absurdity and as racist a policy I have ever seen.
      All kidding aside, the wasteful spending to have so may sitting home has to end. If March 1st brings it to the table, so be it!

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